Anji Kaizen – Decode

Decode, released on 03/03/2023 is a collaboration between Anji Kaizen and Shaun Mason and is a cinematic duet version of the Paramore track. The two met through Tik Tok and Instagram and this song was recorded in their home studio, mixed and produced by Shaun Mason himself.

Not too familiar with the original, I checked it out and discovered that this is a slower version and one that is packed with emotion, heart-felt and really is something magical.

This song really does have it all, heavy riffs, electronic synths mixed with classic piano sounds, grinding beats and pounding drums. The guitar solos are of epic proportions and really are the climax of the song. But it’s the combination of vocal styles that really sends the shivers down your spine.

Using both male and female vocals is always a great thing to do in my book but the harmonized singing between these two really does take your breath away.

Shaun’s voice starts off soft and gentle, with a slight quirkiness to it, but he really comes into his own as the song gathers momentum and his voice becomes strong and powerful, and packed full of emotion.

There is no other word for Anji’s vocals other than beautiful. The strength in her voice is amazing and she has an almost hypnotic effect as she, too, excels as the song hits its crescendos. Neither voice overpowers the other and there is perfect harmony between the two.

I listened to this track three or four times on the bounce and I could have listened to it many more times, the spellbinding effect of the track really taking hold.

This is a beautiful track that really must be heard by everyone! Please check it out and see what you think. I really don’t think you will be disappointed.

Photo Credits: Ryan Harville (photo), Anji Kaizen (design & edits)

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