Will Sims – You Have A Voice, Use It

Will Sims has just released his brand-new album, “You Have A Voice, Use It” and there is no denying that it is incredible! But before we get onto that, let’s have a little look at who this artist actually is.

Will Sims is a Baltimore based, alternative rock and pop artist, whose music has heavy relations to 90s alternative rock music. His music is certainly one of a kind, with inspirations of people such as the Foo Fighters, Rob Thomas, and the Goo Goo Dolls.

“You Have A Voice, Use It” was released earlier this month, and this album consists of eight different incredible tracks.

Kicking off with “Lose Control” we instantly find ourselves hooked! This track has clear elements of rock, and it is definitely one that anyone can enjoy! The music is very contagious, and you will undoubtedly find yourself bopping your head along to it.

The next track, “Move It Or Lose It” is a slightly shorter track, but this one is very hard rock. The drums, the guitars, and the vocals are all brilliant, and I just cannot fault Will at all.

My personal favourite of the album is, “I Should Never Have Given Up On You.” This one is a lot more relaxed, and slower, and in this track, we can really see how brilliant Will’s vocals are! This tune is one of those that anyone and everyone can enjoy, so be sure to give it a little listen to.

The final song, “Where Are You Now?” is certainly the perfect way to end the album! The music is just incredible, and you just cannot help but love it.

So, all I can really say is, be sure to check out Will Sims’ newest album, “You Have A Voice, Use It” now!

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Rich Campanella – Over And Over

Today we are looking at one of Richard Campanella & The Sunrise Band’s newest releases, “Over And Over” and there is no denying that it is an incredible track.

“Over And Over” is a classic rock tune, and literally everything about it is amazing. The music, the vocals and even the production are just insane, and I cannot fault Rich Campanella at all.

Starting with the music. The drums and the guitars are just brilliant, and the music that they create is one that you will definitely find yourself bopping your head along to it.

There is no doubting that Rich Campanella’s vocals are insane. His voice has a very edgy, but smooth sound to it, and he is clearly very talented.

I cannot recommend this track enough, so be sure to head over to Spotify now, and give “Over And Over” a little listen to, and I can assure you will love it!

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Moose Wrench – Don’t Let Me Down

Moose Wrench are a trio from Leeds, consisting of Craig Robertson on keytar and vocals, Colin Sutton on bass and Thom Gardner on drums. Formed in 2022 and classing themselves as the “ultimate in dad-bod alt-core,” the band’s main influences include Mr Bungle, Fantomas, Primus, Ween and Sleepytime Gorilla Museum.

Don’t Let Me Down is the third and final single from the band’s upcoming album, Not Dead Yet, and was released on 17/10/2023.

With slightly quirky undertones, this is a band who are not afraid to wear their post-punk and rock influences on their sleeves, all while maintaining a sound that is unique to them.

The verses are somewhat subdued, with just some almost spoken lyrics and gentle music in the background as an accompaniment. It’s during the choruses that the fuzzy distorted guitars kick in, sending the listener’s aural senses in all directions! The drumming remains passive throughout the whole track, but really keeps everything in time and tight.

The vocals are, once again, very individual, and eclectic and this really adds to the charm of the song. This is a very experimental track, but one I think really works. It’s a fun track that more people should hear so head on over to Spotify and see what you think for yourself!

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Annakye – Ocean

Annakye are a six-piece alternative rock band from Australia and Ocean is their latest single, released on 13/10/2023.

A grunge rock track that deals with the ups and downs of mental health in a relationship, it is a theme that many people can resonate with and with members consisting of Lukas and Cameron on vocals, Joel on drums, Richard on guitar, Carlos on bass and Ben on guitar, there are plenty of viewpoints that the song could be written from.

The song is the band’s third single, and the second I have reviewed, and I must say that this one does not disappoint.

With heavy guitars kicking off straight from the start, there is slight distortion that really gives the song is grungey vibe, and riffs fly out from the track in all directions, really giving the listener a treat for the ears.

The drumming is once again energetic and frenetic, and the meaty basslines are also prevalent. The only thing different on this track from the previous is the lack of electronic undertones on this but I think this gives the track a slight edge that really makes it stand out!

The vocals are, again, strong, and powerful, and the use of backups in much the same vein as the leads really creates a depth and dynamism to the song.

Another great and awesome track from these guys from Australia and one that I am sure will set them on the road to something big! Please check out Annakye and see for yourself just how good they really are!

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To Hell With Tradition – Blind Spots

To Hell With Tradition (aka Achim Hofmeyer) has released his fourth album in four years and Blind Spots was released on 06/10/2023.

An album that is an edgy combination of a multitude of genres from indie rock to post-punk to synth rock/pop, this has twelve tracks that combine to make a great concept album with the theme that life is progress and stagnancy is death.

With music that combines both pop and rock at the same time, electronic synths are the driving force behind the album’s sound. Guitars and drums are used to great effect, really keeping the songs tight and on track.

The elements of this album that really stand out to me are the quirkiness of the music and the vocals. Quite progressive there is always something going on musically, which never lets the listener become disengaged with the songs, and the use of secondary instruments that really gives the sings their unique sound. The vocals are really eclectic and, with a punk hint to them, they really do stand out. There is an almost monotone sound to them, but this is taken up and notch or two at times throughout the album and this really creates a unique vocal soundscape that really does pull the listener in.

Each song has its own unique personality and together they really do tell a great story. There is a great vibe to this album, the songs are quite upbeat but there is also a lot of emotion here too.

Absolutely fantastic in a quirky sort of way! Check them out and see for yourself!

Track Listing:

1) The Line

2) Ricochets

3) Pebbles

4) Rerun

5) Spin

6) Echoes

7) Open Season

8) Obedience

9) Trial

10) Red Herring

11) Hangover

12) The Wheel

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She Made Me Do It – Artificial

She Made Me Do It are a post-punk electro-rock duo consisting of members Shaheena Dax and Will Crewdson. Artificial is their new five track EP and was released on 06/10/2023.

Opening with the melancholic title track, the EP soon erupts into a mixture of soaring vocals, heavy guitars, and electronic synths.

With deep themes about loss, grief, jealousy and love, the EP can resonate with a variety of listener and the combination of rock with the electronic sounds really takes the listener on a nostalgic journey back in time.

There are riffs galore throughout the EP and the solos are very classic in style, and this really gives the sound an edgy feel to it. With pounding drums that keep the beat perfectly, there are plenty of crashing cymbals and heavy beats and with some meaty yet funky basslines, the tracks all have a certain groove to them.

The female vocals are hauntingly beautiful yet with a certain grittiness to them that really makes them stand out. There is emotion in the singing, and this portrays the themes of the songs wonderfully.

This is a fantastic EP that will appeal to fans of classic rock, alternative rock, and grunge rock alike,. The 80’s influence is evident to hear, but there is also a 90’s vibe that shows its head every now and then and this really shows how diverse this pair are.

Extremely talented, with so much to offer, I really can’t wait to hear more from this duo in the near future. Please check them out and see what you think for yourself!

Track Listing:

1) Artificial

2) Free Again

3) Abandoned

4) Strangest Reason

5) All In The Name Of Love

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Kiltro Attack – Back To My Roots

Kiltro Attack is a project from Los Angeles and was “born from a relentless passion for the guitar and unwavering commitment to pushing the limits of sonic expression.”

Back To My Roots is the projects latest single, released on 10/10/2023, and is the work of an artist who prefers to let his music do the talking. And with this single, he is really shouting!

A guitar virtuoso, whose instrument just seems to be an extension of himself, the two of them perfectly at one with each other. The players fingers just seem to glide over the fretboard, dancing their way through this awesomely played instrumental.

With a classic rock foundation on which to build, there are also elements of alternative rock, metal, a hint of blues and even some progressiveness thrown in for good measure, really creating a truly formidable sound.

With guitar solos that will make the hairs on your arms stand on end, this song really does take the listener on a sonic journey that is full of emotion, intrigue, and imagination. The guitar almost sings to us as it portrays emotion usually reserved for the lyrics and the whole track is like a rollercoaster, taking the listener up and down and, sometimes, even doing the loop-de-loop!

This is a totally awesome track so, if instrumental guitar virtuosity is your thing, go and check our Kiltro Attack. Their music truly is breathtaking!

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Pressure – Heroes Will Fall

Pressure is a story metal band from Sweden with strong connections to modern music, storytelling, and showmanship, founded back in 2018, and consists of three members, Simon Forsell on guitars, drums and keyboard, Olli Violet on vocals and Olof Jönsson also on vocals. With the help of session bassist Ignacio Arrua, the band produce songs that are diverse as they believe that different styles of music tell stories differently.

Heroes Will Fall is the band’s latest EP, released on 06/10/2023, and all stories are told from the demon’s perspective, the deeper meaning of it is to never judge a book by its cover.

“The land trembles in both fear and anticipation as the two demonic commanders embarks on their final battle. With glory, love, companionship, honor, and pride in their hearts they raise the flag one last time to see who will be standing when the smoke settles. The Oath is taken, and in the metal morning the hoarde has already taken their final stand. The demon huntress leads the charge across the bridge and the fierce enemy awaits at the bridgehead. Who will prevail?”

The EP has a very power metal feel to it, with haunting female vocals mixed with male backups and this really adds depth and dimension to the tracks. Symphonic lyrics and vocals are mixed with starker classic metal ones, both from the male and female leads, and this really creates a great contrast, not only from song to song but also between tracks.

The music side of things is absolutely fantastic. Heavy guitar riffs are combined with electronic synths to create a very orchestral sound that perfectly matches the symphonic vocals. The drumming is ferocious and really drive the songs and combined with some meaty basslines, this section really takes commands.

Overall, this is an awesome EP that delivers everything that it promised to. I have reviewed individual singles previously from this band but putting them all together in one EP really does show how diverse and talented this bunch. I said in a previous review that I was eagerly waiting for the EP, and I can safely say that it definitely did not disappoint!

Please check out this fantastic band and see what you think of them for yourselves! You are going to love them.

Track Listing:

1) Demonic Oath

2) Demon Warrior

3) Metal Morning

4) Demon Huntress

5) My Old Dagger

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Whiteroomnightmare – Heart Mind Devil Sea

WHITEROOMNIGHTMARE is the brainchild of self-taught musician Paul Anketell and the man from Northern Ireland has been making music for about two years now. He says on his Facebook page that he “makes music that is too heavy for some and not heavy enough for others!” But he thinks it is “just right.”

This isn’t the first time I have reviewed music by this man, and I must say that his latest album, Heart Mind Devil Sea, released on 06/10/2023 is a great mixture of everything I have previously reviewed.

A combination of rock, punk, alternative and metal, the album has twelve songs that are all loosely tied together by the theme of ‘decisions’, something that affects everybody throughout their lives.

The guitar work throughout the album ranges from full on riffs to more intricate work, really driving the songs forward, and fantastic solos finish off the guitar sound perfectly. Slight distortion is used on some of the tracks really giving the tracks a great, grungey, fuzzy sound and this really adds to the appeal of the songs.

Accompanying the guitars are thundering drums that are ferocious at times but a bit more subdued at others and this really gives each track on the album a different feel and its own personality.

With hard rock and metal elements shining through on this album, it is also quite melodic too and this shows the sheer talent this guy has. His vocals are strong and powerful yet with a soft and gentle approach, really giving the songs a distinctive sound. He has mixed in with the leads some powerful backing vocals and this really gives the album a great depth and dynamism.

As previously mentioned, each track on the album has its own individual sound and this is helped by the different pace and timings that each song has. The listener is unsure as to what direction the album is going to go in next and this really makes for some interesting listening, the listener always engaged and entertained by what they are hearing.

To top all of the above off, there is also a slight progressive nature to the album, and this means that it has so much to offer and with so much going on, more than one listen through is needed.

This is a great sound and album from just one guy, and I really can’t wait to hear more from him in the future. Awesome!! Please go and check out Whiteroomnightmare and see what you think for yourself!

Track Listing:

1) What You’re Made Of

2) Are You Happy Now?

3) Pageturner

4) Thumb Print Head

5) Bluebottle

6) A Mountain To Nothing

7) I’m Sorry It’s You

8) Fishing For Humans

9) Tabula Rasa

10) The Torch

11) Stay

12) Dead In The Water

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Filip Dahl – I Still See You

Filip Dahl is a Norwegian composer and multi-instrumentalist, who actually began his career back in the 70s. However, in the past few years, he decided to take on a solo project, and since then has non-stopped creating amazing music.

“I Still See You” is Filip’s newest release and this rock track is certainly incredible!

Starting off with a brilliant guitar solo, we are straight away engrossed within the track! The music just mesmerising us, and for the short time period, we actually feel like we are in another world! As the track picks up we hear a more upbeat drum beat, and it is a fantastic song to have a little dance to.

After about a forty-five second introduction, Filip’s vocals kick in, and once again we are pleasantly surprised! He has a very deep, yet talented voice, and it is just perfect for this track.

Be sure to give this brilliant track a little listen to now!

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