Detention – Peachy Keen

Detention is a high-energy pop-punk/alt-rock band of teens from Akron, Ohio and features lead singer Elliott Carter, guitarist Evan Cox, bassist Fritz Dannemiller, and drummer Luke Konopka. They are already building a huge name for themselves, having played large festivals and winning “Best Punk Band” by the Cleveland Music Awards.

Peachy keen is their latest single and was released on 28/02/2023.

The track starts out quite slow with just guitar and the female lead vocals but don’t let that lull you into a false sense of what this song is about because, just after the one minute mark, the track erupts into a frenzy of pop punk goodiness!

The track is guitar-driven, with the riffs heavy yet bouncy and the drumming is energetic and frenetic. Musically this track is awesome and will have you jumping around the living room, or wherever you happen to be listening to it, like a loon. A great blend of punk, pop and alternative, this is a great slab of nostalgia that will take you back to the sound of the 90’s / 00’s from bands such as Elastica, Paramore and Garbage.

The vocals are superb and are a perfect fit for the sound the band have created which also has a modern twist to it that keeps it fresh and up to date.

This is a true pop punk anthem and I look forward to anything else this band produce.

Great track!

Photo credit: Lee Sechrist

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