Playground Circus – Walking On Sunshine (Roxy Edition)

Playground Circus are a high energy pop-punk / skate-punk band based in London and Walking On Sunshine is their own unique on the 1983 Katrina And The Waves hit, released on 16/06/2023.

Forming in Greece in 2014, the band take their influences from the likes of New Found Glory, A Day To remember, Sum 41, NOFX, Green Day, Bowling For Soup, Good Charlotte, and Blink 182 among others, and have shared the stage with a whole host of names.

Blending the attitude of punk with the energy of hard rock, this is a fantastic rendition of the song, a classic known to millions.

There are some heavy riffs thrown in with some more melodic, yet raw guitar work and the frantic drumming really manages to keep the pace of the song going from start to finish. The original version is upbeat enough as it is, but these guys have managed to give it an even bigger lift, propelling it to fresh, exhilarating heights.

The vocals are raw, powerful, and energetic and with backups in much the same vein this is a track that is certain to get you bounding round the living room!

What an absolutely fantastic track! Its raw, its energetic and it certainly packs a punch! Loved it!

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Even In Death

Even In Death are back with their new single “Broken Dreams”

Even In Death are looking for radio play, playlist adds, reviews, interviews, promoters, live shows and label exposure.

For fans of traditional heavy metal, metalcore, thrash and good honest face melting metal.

Even In Death hails from San Antonio, Texas and storms the front line with bone crushing riffs and powerful grooves, tackling subject matter which takes the listener through an aural journey of fury and aggression. These well established musicians have a range of musical influences including progressive metal, groove metal, and a hint of metal core, resulting in a satisfying dose of face melting metal.
Even In Death is:

Sean Nations – Vocals
Anthony Carrilllo – Guitar
James Garza – Guitar
Anthony Aleman – Bass
Frankie De Leon – Drums

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Its finally here…the highly anticipated album Who Why Where What by acclaimed artist pMad

pMad are looking for more exposure, reviews, interviews, labels and promoters to make contact.

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Over the last year, pMad has released five critically acclaimed singles, all of which have garnered support and have set the Irish post punk, gothic rock solo artist up as one of the most exciting new names in music.
Now, pMad has announced his highly-anticipated debut album, ‘Who Why Where What, which is set for release on 29th November 2022 via Bandcamp and Sliptrick Records. 

Paul Dillon is a solo artist Portumna, Co. Galway, Ireland named pMad. Paul has been in bands The Suicidal Dufflecoats to The Greeting.

The album ‘Who Why Where What’ was recorded in the middle of a pandemic and it is created in collaboration with Ireland (Zedakube Recording), Germany (Protonaut Studio) & Mexico (Elith Mastering Labs) without anyone ever being in the same room together. 
With thirteen tracks the album is full of singles, remixes and new tracks.

‘Who Why Where What’ is an introspective look at the artist himself and acknowledging his failings along with the broader look at how we are destroying our planet and ourselves.

‘Who Why Where What’ Track Listing 

1. Who Am I
2. Broken
3. Medicine
4. Except Me
5. Sisters
6. Youth
7. Horror
8. I Am
9. Who Am I (pMad reMix)
10. Youth (pMad reMix)
11. Sisters (Extended Keira Mix)
12. Horror (hoMe Mix)
13. I Am (Me Mix) 

pMad has been described as a colossal & passionate alternative dark brooding alt rock artist, that has created a masterpiece that blends, crashing guitars pounding drums, stirring vocals, with a controlled intense passion that builds beautifully.
Will definitely appeal to fans ofThe Cure, Sisters of Mercy, Sonic Youth and The The. 

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Midweek Metal Madness – 20/09/2023 – Podcast and Playlist

Join The Metal Priestess and The Gothic Priest for two hours of the best tunes for the year 2000 to present day. This week, most of the playlist was BRAND NEW releases \m/

  • Terradown – Revive The War (single released 24/08/2023)
  • Cactek – Sunrise In Hell (single released 15/09/2023)
  • Cabin Boy Jumped Ship – Low (Sentiments – 2022)
  • Magh Wolf – Heavy Mother (single released 26/08/2023)
  • The Sonic Redemption – Cities Of The Black Sun (single released 06/06/2023)
  • Circle II Circle – Out Of Reach (Watching In Silence – 2003)
  • Ethreal – Contagion (single released 08/09/2023)
  • MidFever – Buried Alive (single released 25/08/2023)
  • Heaven And Hell – Fear (The Devil You Know – 2009)
  • Dishonor – Eternal Debt (single released 31/08/2023)
  • Matricide – Smoke And Mirrors (single released 05/09/2023)
  • The Black Dahlia Murder – What A Horrible Night To Have A Curse (Nocturnal – 2007)
  • XIII Doors – Lead The Way (single released 01/09/2023)
  • Ever Snow – Blood Cargo (single released 03/07/2023)
  • Slaughter To Prevail – Demolisher (Kostolom – 2021)
  • Bear Within Us – Down (single released 08/09/2023)
  • Necroscum – The Faceless Reaper (single released 07/09/2023)
  • Fallen Angels – Nightmare Master (World In Decay – 2015)
  • A Long Goodbye – All That She Said (single released 08/09/2023)
  • Die Legende von Nord – Unser König (single released 16/02/2023)
  • Pink Cream 69 – Walls Come Down (Headstrong – 2017)
  • Ronin – Saturn’s Portal (single released 25/08/2023)
  • Draugrath – Awaken (single released 08/09/2023)
  • Harvest The Lost – Paracusia (single released 01/09/2023)
  • Stone Sour – RU486 (House of Gold & Bones Pt 1 – 2012)
  • Three Days Grace – So Called Life (Explosions – 2022)
  • Freakshow – Dead Inside (Freakshow – 2021)
  • The Haunted – 99 (Revolver – 2004)