Dead Reynolds – Wake Up

Dead Reynolds are Rossco, Luke, Ben, Dom & Luke from East Anglia and the band was formed in October 2018. Despite the band only formerly getting together then, the band members all knew each other from previous musical interests and playing on the Cambridge and Peterborough music scene.

Wake Up is their latest single and was released on 24/02/2023.

An upbeat track, this song has its roots in the alternative genre but reaches out and grabs influence m many other styles too. Despite the catchiness of this song, it is actually about the effects of an addiction and the struggles an addict and their families go through and is a track that is close to the bands hearts. A theme like this is also something that many people can resonate with and this will give the track a wide appeal. After all, there is no greater tool than music to spread awareness of a subject.

Musically this track is spot on. The guitars are heavy and full of riffs and has that typical alternative rock and pop punk sound. The track has a edgy rawness to it, the drumming energetic, and the basslines give the track a hint of groove to it.

The vocals are very distinctive, the indie rock lilt easy to hear, and the main vocals are accompanied by backups that give the track a certain dynamism. The track is easy to sing along to, will get you tapping your foot, at the very least, and will definitely be an ear worm once heard a couple of times.

I am definitely going to check out more from this band and I recommend you all do it.

Awesome track!

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