The Margaret Hooligans – Doggie Pizza Crust

The Margaret Hooligans are Meg Cratty (electric ukelele and lead vocals) and Mr Strontium (drums, back up vocals….and teapot!) and come from Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania. They are a couple who have “a child, a cat, three dogs, and four ducks.  They record in their basement and try not to fight on Saturday nights.”

They cite their influences as The Who, New Orleans, James Brown, Miles Davis, Soul Train, The White Stripes, Grateful Dead (’68-’72), and Fiona Apple but they actually create a sound that is unique to them, the sound they make their own.

Doggie Pizza Crust is their latest single, was released on 06/01/2023 and asks then age-old question of “if it’s okay to fight a dog for the last pizza crust if you’re starving?”

The track combines alternative rock with punk rock and has edgy female vocals, with slightly eccentric male backups.

The guitar riffs are very punk-influenced and the drumming is somewhat energetic at times. The sound is very raw and this is very much a positive, as this gives the track an edge to it.

The lyrics are quite humorous but delivered in a serious way, until the very last line! (you will have to go and listen to the track as I am giving nothing away here!) Life is too short to be serious all the time anyway!

I liked this song and, if you take it in a light-hearted way, I think a lot of other people will too!

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