I Panic – (Welcome To The Night Of) Broken Promises

I have already reviewed two of I Panic’s songs and I must say I was excited to see what this one was all about.

Just to recap, I Panic is Dutch singer and multi-instrumentalist, Marcel van Tetering, and was the name of a band he set up with two friends way back in 1987, although now he uses the name as a solo project.

This track has a rockier feel to it than the previous two and has to be my favourite of the three.

Marcel’s voice is perfect for the classic rock element of the track but a hint of new wave also creeps in there too. There is also a touch of quirkiness that I had maybe not noticed before but this is definitely a positive, especially for this track.

The use of piano is once again prominent throughout the whole track and the electric guitars and pounding drums show just how rocky this guy can be! Electric bites and sounds throughout the track give it an 80’s vibe, and synths are used more on this track than the previous two.

Once again, this track has a big sound, and one that really makes you want to get up and move! I was certainly bopping in my chair whilst writing this review!

With every song, I Panic is proving himself to be more and more accomplished and talented and I really can’t praise him enough!

Another fantastic track!

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