Square – The World Is Square EP

Square is a modern avant-rock band based in Vancouver and began in 2017, after three well-established composers in the Canadian contemporary music scene, James Maxwell, Edward Top, and Alfredo Santa Ana all got together to form an output for their creative efforts. Indie-music scene legend Nathan Dillon has also been added to the line-up.

The three-track EP kicks off with The World Is Square, a funky, off beat track that has hints of psychedelia as well as indie rock, alternative rock and classic rock. The basslines are groovy and are a prominent feature throughout the whole EP.

The vocals are quirky, the singers voice is edgy and reminds me very much of bands such as The Smiths from the 80’s. He switches easily from singing to talking through the lyrics and this is one of the features that gives this band their individual sound.

The music is very progressive, with subtle time and pace changes throughout the EP and not only does each track vary in this regard but so does each track separately. This progressiveness of the EP is what makes it stand out from other EP’s and also gives it the avant-rock feel too.

The result of all of the above is a very experimental recording that is edgy, eclectic and maybe even somewhat eccentric. This may not appeal to everyone and could be classed rather as a niche market but there will be listeners out there who will absolutely love this EP.

So if progressive and psychedelic music is your thing, please go and check this EP out as I wait with baited breath for their next release!

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