Michael Peloso (feat Marisa Frantz & Matthew Shell) – Rewind

Michael Peloso is a lyricist/songwriter from Newark, New Jersey, the only son of Italian immigrants and has been surrounded by music his whole life. Not one who wanted to be in a band, he was content to stay behind the scenes, but he did want his songs to be heard.

Rewind is his latest release and features the vocal talents of Marisa Frantz and has been produced, arranged and engineered by Matthew Shell. The track also features musicians Hector Ruano on bass, Sami Turunen on guitars, Glenn Welman on drums and beatbox by JONQ. The song was mixed and mastered by Erik Fredriksen.

The track is a gentle ballad and is a song not only about reflection, but one of hope for the future, something we all need, and the song is a great one to enter the new year with.

The clean guitar chords with Marisa’s beautiful yet sometimes haunting vocals are a perfect match as are the gentle drumming and subtle yet funky basslines in the background. The vocals are very hypnotic and draw you into the song, making the listener feel the emotions that are emitting from the lyrics.

The track has an overall floaty pop feel to it, the kind of song that you can just drift off into your thoughts with and I think this will make it appeal to a lot of people.

Most of the track is soft and gentle but it does build up to a powerful interlude part way through the song that shows off Marisa’s really powerful voice to more effect.

Relaxing, calming, and reflective are three words I would use to describe this track. This is a great collaboration between a wonderful singer, a terrific producer, and an extremely talented songwriter!

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