Bias – Ogni Istante

Bias (born Gian Luca Biasini) is an Imola-based musician / producer / composer and his latest single Ogni Istante, a track inspired by the melancholic moors of Iceland, after a trip to the northern European country, was released on 29/08/2023. From piano to drums, from guitar to percussion, Bias took music lessons from an early and, driven by his father’s passion, he listens to and plays every music genre!

Produced and performed by Bias, as well as all music and lyrics written by him, Ogni Instante was mixed and mastered by Michele Suzzi and is a track inspired by “an incredible intimate experience between man and nature.”

With a rock foundation on which to build, the track snakes its way into a series of other genres, including noise rock, post rock and even dark wave.

The music behind the vocals is very atmospheric with distortion on the guitars and some electronic elements that really add to the dark wave / synth pop aspects of the track. The drumming and basslines are quite laid back and kept to a minimum and it really is the vocals that are the main attraction of the song.

Bias’s voice is strong and powerful, and with the song sang in Italian, there is an ambience about it that gives it quite a nostalgic, yet euphoric vibe. The translation of the lyrics shows the words have a great meaning and depth and display just how personal and intimate the song it.

I really liked this track and I think it will appeal to a wide range of people. Please check out Bias and his music, it really can transport you to another time and dimension, soothing and relaxing you before it drops you back into real life with a thud!

Great work!

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Sleep Kicks – Words In Vain

Sleep Kicks are a four-piece indie rock band who are based in Oslo, Norway and Words in Vain is their latest single, released on 03/02/2023.

Kicking off with some classis alternative guitar riffs, the song bursts into life for the intro before settling down once more for when the singing comes in.

The guitar work is typically alternative and is reminiscent of a lot of the indie bands form the 90’s. although there is a modern twist on this track that keeps it fresh and up to date. The drumming is solid and robust, and the basslines are thumping and sound.

The vocals on this are awesome, the singer’s voice being strong and powerful. There is a hint of the post-punk era here and I don’t think this guy would be out of place singing with some of the bands from the early 80’s. He is backed up by equally as strong female vocals and the two compliment each other perfectly while at the same time creating a bit of a contrast.

The introduction of electronic sounds through out the track creates an almost gothic/emo vibe to the track too and this can only be a good thing…in my humble opinion!

Overall this is a great track and I will keep an ear out for anything else they release!

Excellent job!

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Ethan Stauffer – Goodnight, Take Care

Ethan Stauffer is a singer / songwriter from Pennsylvania, USA and Goodnight, Take Care is his latest single, released on 06/01/2023.

A very laid back track the song combines elements of many genres, from classic rock, to pop, to alternative to create a sound that is unique to Ethan.

Heavy guitar riffs fill the background of the track long with the relaxed nature of the drums and slight distortion on the guitars gives the track a hint of indie rock, reminding us of songs from the late 90’s. The use of both acoustic and electric guitars, each performing a different role in the track is an added bonus and keeps the listener engaged in the song at all times.

The double vocals, each accompanying the other beautifully, is also an great touch and gives the track a deep intimacy that is very reflective and introspective. The voices are melodic, yet powerful not to be overshadowed by the music behind them.

The track builds as its progresses and finishes with an anthemic extended chorus that is catchy and memorable. The track has a melancholic, yet uplifting vibe to it and overall it’s a very poignant and moving track.

The track is almost five minutes in length, but it really doesn’t really feel that long, which is always the sign of a good song in my opinion!

Please go and check out Ethan Stauffer on Spotify and all his social media sites.

Great track!

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Blake Feelgood – Sad Songs For Happy People

Blake FeelGood is the musical alias of Blake Gough, an up-and-coming singer-songwriter from Toronto, Canada and Sad Songs For Happy People is his latest EP, released on 27/11/2022.

The four-track EP is a look into his mind, combines alternative rock, soft rock and alternative folk, and was recorded in Bangkok.

The EP, overall, has a melancholy feel to it although there are some seemingly upbeat, uplifting parts to it too, although this is a clever trick on the songwriters part as the themes of the song contradict this feeling.  The emotion that comes from this EP is powerful and this is emitted from the lyrics, the music as well as the vocals.

Blake’s vocals are deep, yet gentle and powerful, and sometimes bouncy with a hint of a country twang. They are perfect for the songs they are singing and the listener really feels the emotions the singer does.

The music behind the vocals is generally melancholic with slow drumming and unhurried, sometimes sluggish guitars. The hint of country is evident in the guitar work too.

This EP could be considered quite depressing, but I also think its quite reflective too. The thoughts in Blake’s mind that have been transferred to song lyrics will have meaning to a lot of people and this will help with its appeal.

Give this EP a playthrough and see what you think! Wonderful job!

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Michael Peloso (feat Marisa Frantz & Matthew Shell) – Rewind

Michael Peloso is a lyricist/songwriter from Newark, New Jersey, the only son of Italian immigrants and has been surrounded by music his whole life. Not one who wanted to be in a band, he was content to stay behind the scenes, but he did want his songs to be heard.

Rewind is his latest release and features the vocal talents of Marisa Frantz and has been produced, arranged and engineered by Matthew Shell. The track also features musicians Hector Ruano on bass, Sami Turunen on guitars, Glenn Welman on drums and beatbox by JONQ. The song was mixed and mastered by Erik Fredriksen.

The track is a gentle ballad and is a song not only about reflection, but one of hope for the future, something we all need, and the song is a great one to enter the new year with.

The clean guitar chords with Marisa’s beautiful yet sometimes haunting vocals are a perfect match as are the gentle drumming and subtle yet funky basslines in the background. The vocals are very hypnotic and draw you into the song, making the listener feel the emotions that are emitting from the lyrics.

The track has an overall floaty pop feel to it, the kind of song that you can just drift off into your thoughts with and I think this will make it appeal to a lot of people.

Most of the track is soft and gentle but it does build up to a powerful interlude part way through the song that shows off Marisa’s really powerful voice to more effect.

Relaxing, calming, and reflective are three words I would use to describe this track. This is a great collaboration between a wonderful singer, a terrific producer, and an extremely talented songwriter!

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The Loud Bangs – Salvation Memorial Hospital

The Loud Bangs are a Los Angeles, USA-based rock group consisting of Alice Street, Daisy Gutierrez, Hannah Remley, and Marcus Nemuro, with producer Darren Callahan and their EP Salvation Memorial Hospital was released on 16/12/2022.

Salvation Memorial Hospital is a five track EP centring around the themes of relationships and romance and is influenced by shoegaze, ’90s alternative and German club music. And with six eps and numerous singles under their belt for 2022, this is certainly a hardworking band.

The five tracks on this EP are all completely different and emit a distinctive vibe. The songs are captivating, even hypnotising, and this has earned them the nickname “The Pink Floyd of Shoegaze”.

The band use their music to draw people in, without relying on the lyrics, which consist of muffled gibberish and other phrases here and there, with the occasional full lyrics and this is extremely effective.

Clean guitars are mixed with ambient synths and electronic beats to create a nod back to the 80’s, while there are also elements of 80’s/90’s goth music seeping through. This, combined with riffs and drumming reminiscent to 90’s alternative rock, gives the EP a very mysterious and futuristic feel.

Overall, this is a relaxing, yet quirky EP, which is almost euphoric in parts. Listen to this on your headphones, in the dark and I am sure that you will be transported to another dimension somewhere, only to be returned back just over twenty one minutes later, refreshed and relaxed.

If this sounds like your type of thing then I recommend you check these guys out and I am sure you won’t be disappointed!

Track Listing:

1 Spectral Field

2 Late Day Magnets

3 Candy Sometimes Always

4 Future bruises

5 Playboy Tattoo

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Clay Joule – Nothing Like Loving You

Based in Secaucus, New Jersey, Clay Joule is a singer-songwriter who makes uplifting soft rock music and Nothing Like Loving You is his new single, released on 15/11/2022

A buoyant, heartfelt track, it tells the story of a dog who has been adopted and how he is now devoted to his new master for the rest of his life, and using music, Clay Joule are spreading the word about the important issue of pet adoption.

The track begins with the bark of a dog and a simple banjo, before kicking in with a whole band sound, although the banjo is the main feature that stands out in this track.

The guy’s vocals are soft and melodic, with a hint of 90’s Britpop, but it is a sound that works. The rest of the instruments have a typical alternative / indie rock sound and, again, the mixture of conventional rock instruments with the slightly off the wall, really works well.

The song is accompanied by a really cute video featuring the most adorable dog and fellow musician, Pete Brailey, also features on the track.

Along with the alternative sound, there is also a country undertone that gives depth to the song.

Great job!

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Arn-Identified Flying Objects And Alien Friends – I Dreamt I Met Elvis

Arn-Identified Flying Objects and Alien Friends is the solo project of former Redmoon member, Arne Floryd, and I Dreamt I Met Elvis was released on 03/12/2022.

The Swedish singer/songwriter mixes alternative rock with indie rock with little bit of pop to create his own sound, something that really cannot be defined by genre.

Almost a ballad, this track has a melancholic yet upbeat vibe to it. It is mellow and gentle and is certainly a relaxing tune. There is nothing offensive about this track and I think this means it will appeal to a lot of people.

The drumming is soft, the snare enough to keep tempo of the track, and does not overshadow any other instrument in any way whatsoever. The guitar work is fantastic, as in the previous track that I reviewed for this talented musician, and there are some great basslines showing through.

The vocals are soft yet melodic and the backup vocals really give the track depth and dimension. There are some great harmonies throughout the track and there is a certain vulnerability in the vocals.

This is a completely different track to the previous one I reviewed but this shows diversity of the artist. An album with both of these tracks would be awesome as the listener would not know what is coming next. Arne…this needs to happen!

A great track from a great musician. I would love to hear so much more!

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Emerald Park – Little Things

Emerald Park was resurrected in the beginning of covid times as a solo project of Scandinavian Tobias Borelius and Little Things is their first single since 2019. Released on 11/11/2022 it is the first single from their new album Lovers In reverse which is due for release in March 2023.

Kicking of with synths, a heavy feature in the track, the song bursts into life with a dulcet male voice to accompany the electronic beat. The vocals are soft and gentle but also have a power to them that if needed could really ignite a song.

Electronic beats and funky basslines are the main driving force in this track, as the drums and guitars are relaxed, leaving the vocals slightly exposed. This, however, is not a bad thing as the vocals are hauntingly beautiful and slightly dark in style.

The track is just over three minutes in length, and this is ample time for the song to whisk you off to another world as both the beats and the vocals are very hypnotic and once you start listening you cannot stop.

The song finishes very abruptly adding a little bit more mysteriousness to the track.

I really did like this track, its edgy, its funky and melodic, with super singalongability to it and I recommend that more people go and check it out.

Formidable job!

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Nick Noon – Costumes

Oooh, one of the first things I noticed about this track was the funky basslines that kicks it off! Everyone must love funky basslines as much as I do, right?

Anyway, Nick Noon is one of the top, young, rising songwriters in the world and brings an “indescribable refreshing timeless aura to the music community.” He is based in Nashville, Tennessee and is a rising multi-genre artist, singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist.

Costumes is his latest track and was released on 21/10/2022.

Mingling a little bit of alternative rock with a splattering of indie rock, a pinch of country rock and dashings of pop rock, this track is a mish mash of genres, but it’s a mash-up that actually works.

I mentioned the opening groovy basslines, and these are combined with the shake of a tambourine and Nick’s dulcet voice before the whole track kicks in with electric guitar riffs and crashing drums.

Acoustic guitars are mixed with the electric, creating a stark contrast between verses and choruses and the inclusion of synths and what sounds like a whole string section as well as trumpets really gives the song a diversity that lacks in most.

Nick’s voice is awesome, deep, and powerful yet full of passion as the song hits a crescendo with the strings playing their part once more.

What an absolutely incredible track and one that I am so grateful I could hear. Please, don’t take my word for it, go, and check out this fab track!

Love it!

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