Blake Feelgood – Sad Songs For Happy People

Blake FeelGood is the musical alias of Blake Gough, an up-and-coming singer-songwriter from Toronto, Canada and Sad Songs For Happy People is his latest EP, released on 27/11/2022.

The four-track EP is a look into his mind, combines alternative rock, soft rock and alternative folk, and was recorded in Bangkok.

The EP, overall, has a melancholy feel to it although there are some seemingly upbeat, uplifting parts to it too, although this is a clever trick on the songwriters part as the themes of the song contradict this feeling.  The emotion that comes from this EP is powerful and this is emitted from the lyrics, the music as well as the vocals.

Blake’s vocals are deep, yet gentle and powerful, and sometimes bouncy with a hint of a country twang. They are perfect for the songs they are singing and the listener really feels the emotions the singer does.

The music behind the vocals is generally melancholic with slow drumming and unhurried, sometimes sluggish guitars. The hint of country is evident in the guitar work too.

This EP could be considered quite depressing, but I also think its quite reflective too. The thoughts in Blake’s mind that have been transferred to song lyrics will have meaning to a lot of people and this will help with its appeal.

Give this EP a playthrough and see what you think! Wonderful job!

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