MRMT – Loving The Fungi

After spending most of the day listening and writing about the softer side of rock music it was time to get my psych on with MRMT (MYSTICRAREMRTOAD) and their new track Loving The Fungi, released on 09/11/2022.

An instrumental, the track is avant garde and psychedelic and mixes guitars and drums with electronic synths and beats to create something very experimental.

Funky bass lines are very prominent throughout the song as are sound effects that only add to the eccentricity of the track.

Parts of the song are straight up rock melodies and riffs and wouldn’t be amiss in the middle of a classic rock song but other parts are dark and atmospheric, just sounds and noises but done really well.

The time and pace changes during the track give it an almost progressive feel and there really is something anthemic about the track as a whole. There are different segments to the song that alone wouldn’t make any sense but all together the track works really well.

I really did like this track. It is somewhat quirky and wouldn’t appeal to everyone, but I think if a lot of you gave it a listen you might actually like it too.

Music needs more experimentation and with bands like MRMT willing to do just that, music can become as diverse as the musicians want it to be.

Fantastic job Mr Toad!

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