Feedbag – Flesh Freaks

There is not much information on the intaweb about the lady behind Feedbag and I can only assume this is because she wants to remain hidden and mysterious. Always a good thing in my opinion but I did find this on her Spotify profile. She says about herself; “long, long ago out of the depths of Stagnant Pond, Feedbag was forged. Slimy and primal, she emerged from the pond with fragments of songs in her head. Over the millennia, the songs slowly took shape and have at last reached their final form. She lives to share them with you.”

And sharing them she is doing, in the form of a six track EP, approximately 13 minutes in length and titled Flesh Freaks, which was released on 25/11/2022.

Its very hard to pigeonhole what genre this EP should fall in, so I am not going to as that is something I am not very keen on anyway. But, in my opinion, Feedbag combine the darkness of gothic and dark wave music with the riffs of post punk.

But its not really the accompanying music that stands out in this EP, but rather the female vocals, that are hauntingly beautiful while at the same time instilling a sense of melancholy and fear. The vocals and backups are layered to add great depth to the tracks and at times there is almost a sense of multiple singers.

In most of the songs there is an industrial soundtrack backing up the vocals and makes for a wonderful contrast while still complimenting each other.

The EP contains a cover of the 90’s track Kiss Me, but this is a darker, more gothic yet slower version of the Sixpence None The Richer track and I think it is done really well. It certainly doesn’t feel out of place on the EP.

The placing of the tracks is superb, and the listener is transported on a journey, to where is down to the listeners imagination, but this is certainly an EP you could lose yourself in.

Relaxing and laid back, it still has that edgy, euphoric vibe that is associated with dark wave / gothic music, but in an opposite way.

Let me explain that last bit. Gothic/dark wave music is always associated with black yet the colour that springs to mind when I listen to this EP is white, white doves, white flowing dresses, and snow.

I could have just been letting my imagination run away with me there, but isn’t that what music is about?

Track Listing:

1) Intro

2) Blood

3) Kiss Me

4) You Think I Ain’t Worth A Goblin But I Feel Like A Million Ghosts

5) On Stagnant Pond

6) Smack My Brain Up

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