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NMTCG is proud to announce the release of Stealth live album “Live For Your Faith” on the 31st of December 2020, available worldwide as CD via the official on line store of the band on its website and as digital download via iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play and all major stores and via direct order on NMTCG website.

Stealth is an Italian heavy metal band founded in 1997 by Ivan, Daniele and Lorenzo with the recent add of the new drummer, Michele. They released several albums and EPs and performed all over Italy and many European countries. 

Live For Your Faith is the live version of Stealth’s third album. It’s the 12th official release of the Italian metal band and was recorded during the ‘Fight For Your Tour’ gigs in Italy, UK and Slovenia between 2015 and 2017.

Together with the remix version and the original album it is a concept trilogy with same track list and same cover artwork of all the 3 albums.So like the original album, the artwork of Live For Your Faith pays a tribute to an old C.O.D. cover.

The original war-themed full length album, Fight For Your Faith, was released in 2014.
Engineered and Mastered by Ays Kura

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The band was formed in 1997 by Daniele Gorbini (bass guitar) and Ivan Lattanzi (vocals/rhythm guitar) playing some Metallica cover songs. They performed their first gig on August 3 rd 1997 under the name of Metal Militia together with other 2 local musicians. After that first gig Daniele and Ivan chose Lorenzo Pimpini (lead guitar) and Roberto Rastelli (drums) to complete the band line-up. On December 1998 Metal Militia released their first self produced EP ‘Mind Is Blind’ with 6 original songs and also started playing outside of their region and got their first local radio appearances and magazine reviews. 

On March 2000 the band released its second self produced EP ‘Existence’ made of 5 original tracks. At the same time the band changed its name into Stealth. At the end of the same year summer, after various gigs to publicize the new EP, drummer Roberto Rastelli sadly decided to leave the band. In November Federico Governatori replaced Rastelli at the drums. The band started writing new material and on February 2001 entered the ‘Potemkin Studio’ of Andrea Mei to record their first full length album. 

On March 14 th 2001 was released ‘Stealth’, a self produced album of 11 original songs and presented to the public during a gig in a well known local rock/metal club. Soon after they started an Italian tour of 30 gigs that lasted one year and half. 

On August 2001 the song ‘Take the Message’ was chosen to be part of ‘Cosarock 2001’, a compilation of local bands released after the ending of the homonym festival, during which Stealth also played. 

On January 2002 Pimpini left the band to focus on his solo projects. Nazario Campofiloni, emerging musician of the area, becomes the first guitarist. During summer 2002 the audio/video compilation ‘Kosarock 2002’ was released with 3 Stealth’s songs performed live and recorded during the second edition of that festival. 


The band resumed live performing after a forced break due to the guitarist change and worked on the 9 songs that would then be recorded from spring 2003 at the  ZdB studios ,an independent label from Latina. After drums recording sessions ended Governatori decided to drop the band and Mirko Antolini replaced him. With Antolini Stealth started promoting the new album ‘Check this out !’ that was released in co-production with the Italian label ZdB on December 17th  2004. 

‘Check This Out !’ is Stealth’s second album, product of one year of work in search of both technical and artistic improvement. The result was an album with a captivating sound where the band pushed on toward a wide internationalism. Tracks are sung in Spanish, German, English, expressing the need of a new communication which aimed to win listeners beyond borders’ (ZdB press release) 

The album received good national and international reviews and allowed the band to play their first gig abroad, more precisely in Dubrovnik Croatia at Klub Orlando on May 13 th 2006. Just after that, Campofiloni told the band that his journey with Stealth was over. After some auditions, Marco Scocco became the new temporary guitarist and he allowed the band to finish the ‘Check This Tour’ including 2 amazing gigs in Latvia on March 23 rd and 24 th 2007 at Fontaine Palace Club in Liepaja and Klub Depo in Riga 

Also in 2007 the song ‘Crack ‘n Roll’ from the latest album was featured on an Italian heavy metal compilation called ‘SG Revolution II’ and released by SG Records . The perfect way to celebrate the first decade of music of the band. 

On July Stealth went back at ZdB studios in Latina to record ‘Cover This Out!’, a project album featuring cover songs the band was playing during their early years and some 80s and 90s remakes. The album was released on 18 th July 2008 with a launch gig in Italy. The song Freestyler (cover of Bomfunk MC’s ) was included on the compilation ‘Cover For Madness’ released the same year by SG Records 

Some months later Marco Scocco left the band and in the early months of 2009 Stealth announced on its official website the reunion with Lorenzo Pimpini. After 7 years Lorenzo decided it was time to come back and the other members welcomed him back with open arms. 


After some weeks spent trying a new set list, the band went back on the road playing gigs in Slovakia Switzerland Belgium and Italy during the “Cover This Tour!” In December 2009, due to recurrent problems at his wrist, the drummer Mirko Antolini left the band. On March 21st 2010 Stealth choose David Gasparetti as new drummer. After various gigs in Italy during spring and summer to finish the ‘Cover This Tour !’On October 30th 2010 Stealth hit the stage of ‘Rout 66’ in Kiev, Ukraine for a memorable show. 

On December 30th 2010 the band released the official live bootleg ‘Alive For The Live’ with 13 tracks recorded live during the performance in Kiev, later mixed at the ZdB studios and distributed by CPRS/Venus Dischi. Two official live music videos were released in 2011 from that album: ‘Crack ‘n Roll’ and ‘Take The Message’ 

On December 29th 2011 the band released the single ‘Boiler’, the first original song the band produced since ‘Check This Out!’. In June 2012 Stealth went back to studio but this time at the ‘UNDAtheC studios’ of Simone Cicconi in Macerata to start recording a new album. At the end of that year the band released a ‘Medley ’98-‘11’ of all the songs recorded until that period. The medley is available as free download on both their official website and soundcloud channel 

The song ‘Boiler’ was included on the compilation ‘All Metal 2013’ released by Sonny Music on May 21st 2013. Later that year the band released an unofficial video version of the song. 


On February 21st 2014 Stealth released its third unedited album ‘Fight For Your Faith’.

The album was produced and recorded by Simone Cicconi at his UNDAtheC Studios in Macerata, Italy, mastered at HMM Studios in Lilla Edet Sweden and distributed by Sliptrick Records. Few months after the release, the band started the ‘Fight For Your Tour’ performing in many European countries including UK , Croatia, Hungary Slovenia and Italy.

During the tour, after a gig in Rome in 2016, the drummer David Gasparetti decided to leave the band. Following auditions the band welcomed Michele Cipolletta as new drummer at the end of November 2016. In the meanwhile the album got very good national and international reviews and hundreds of radio broadcastings over the world. The band released 3 official music videos from the album: 7 Hours Under Fire Perpetual War and Inner Land . They also appeared in various international compilations such as: the British TBFM breaking bands 2016 summer and winter CDs with the songs ‘7 Hours Under Fire’ and ‘Perpetual War’. On the Issues 31 and 32 of the Spanish ‘ Rock Estatal’ DVD Rom released both in 2017 with the magazine, with the songs ‘Lo Que No Sé’, ‘Risiko’, ‘Perpetual War’, ‘Radiophobia’, ‘Boiler’ and the video of ‘Lo Que No Sé (Live in Kiev)’. On the Issue 83 of Fireworks Metal Rock Magazine CD with the song ‘Perpetual War’. 

In an interview on Metal Rulz on 3rd February 2017, Ivan announced the band was working on a remix version of ‘Fight For Your Faith’. 

On August 3rd 2017, to celebrate its 20th anniversary, Stealth released a DVD Rom with almost 2 hours of unedited videos and hundreds of exclusive pictures taking during more of 100 concerts throughout Europe. On the 1 st of July 2018 the band released the remix album “Fight For Your Fate” showcasing DJs and artists from many countries. The album is a mixture of genres and styles from industrial to techno dance which well reflects the different artists’ backgrounds. 

On October 20th 2018 Stealth released the official lyric video of Radiophobia (Luciferro Remix)

On June 3rd 2020 the band released the Official Live Video of the song Risiko, preview of the Live album released later in December

Stealth is:Ivan Lattanzi – Vocals/Guitars/Gtr Synth/Background grooveDaniele Gorbini – Bass/Background vocalsLorenzo Pimpini – Guitars/KeyboardsMichele Cipolletta – Drums

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