Studio D’Lux – Old School

Studio D’Lux describe themselves on their Facebook page as “new music in the classic rock/yacht rock style featuring world class musicians.” They are a new classic rock band fronted by keyboardist Doug Kistner (Trans-Siberian Orchestra and John Waite) and features Liberty de Vitto (Billy Joel’s band), Jon Herington (Steely Dan) and Glen Burtnik (Styx) and Old School is their new single, released on 21/01/2023.

With many years of experience between them, this group of talented musicians are really showing what they are made of.

The track is a laid back song, mixing AOR, classic rock and rocking blues, and has a definite nod back to the music of the 70’s and the 80’s.

The instrumentation is perfectly arranged. The sauntering guitars keep the rhythm going, and the solos that pop up behind the rest of the music are bluesy in nature but with a hint of a country rock twang too.

The drumming is relaxed and keeps the pace of the song immaculately. The inclusion of trumpets part way through the song is also an added bonus that gives the track another dimension to it. The funky basslines also add that touch of groove!

The male vocals are strong, typically classic rock in nature, and having previously reviewed a track by this band, I know he can switch from ballad to more upbeat rocky numbers easily.

This is great track, easy to listen to and combines a whole host of genres into one smooth, soulful, rock sound.

If you are a fan of the likes of Steely Dan, The Doobie Brothers, Toto, and Chicago, then go and check out Studio D’Lux. I really don’t think you will be disappointed.

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Paytron Saint – Mirror

Formed in 2017, Paytron Saint are a three piece melodic indie grunge band from the hills of the Amber Valley in Derbyshire and Mirror is their latest single, released on 20/01/2023.

Compared to the likes of Riding The Low and Guided By Voices and Alanis Morissette, the band have already had coverage from the likes of BBC Introducing, Radio Derby, Havoc Underground, YMX, Edgar Allan Poets, In Your Ears Music, and various playlists.

The track was recorded at their own studio The Chicken Coop, built at the bottom of bassist Dean Lloyd’s garden, and is a hard-hitting track that should be played a full volume.

With the nostalgic hint of 90’s grunge, this track also sounds really at home in the present.

The guitars are heavy with full on hard rock riffs and the pounding drumming is hard and energetic, with lots of crashing cymbals and thunderous bass drums. Booming basslines rumble their way through the track and the slight distortion on all the instruments gives the track its grungey feel.

The vocals are a little quirky, reminding me vaguely of Placebo in places and there is a grittiness to the singers voice that sets the band up there with the best of the grunge/alternative bands.

The song is relatively upbeat and the verses build up to the big sound of the choruses. The music is catchy and this is definitely a track you will be tapping your foot to, at the very least!

A great track from a band I am looking forward to hearing more from!

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The House Flies – Glimmer EP

The House Flies are a derivative of grunge-metal band, Murnau, a band I have also previously reviewed, but this time they are concentrating on a darker, more haunting sound and they are showcasing this with their debut EP Glimmer, which was released on 17/01/2023.

Featuring new, original songs, plus a reworking of one that was written 20 years ago, the EP is just under 17 minutes in length and is inspired by the goth and post-punk sounds of bands such as Joy Division, The Cure and Sisters of Mercy.

Masterfully combining goth music with alternative rock and new wave, The House Flies has a sound that is quite rightly their own.

This four track EP is very atmospheric, dark and actually quite hypnotising.

The guitars are heavy when they need to be but more subtle at other times, the drumming is raw, almost industrial-like and the doomy basslines really make this EP stand out.  The layered instrumentation really gives the EP depth and draws you in to the music. Electronic keyboards also add to the increasing strength of this EP.

It’s the vocals that make this band and their sound mesmerizing. The singers voice has an ambience to it and the distortion used only adds to this. His voice is captivating yet melancholic, and the goth influence is clearly showing through here.

This is the sort of EP that should be listened to in the dark with the headphones on and the world shut out. I listened to it a few times, each time turning the volume up slightly and on each run through, I heard something different that I hadn’t heard previously. Experiencing this EP through headphones would, I think, be phenomenal! (Yep, something I am going to go and do straight after finishing this review!)

This EP takes us on a nostalgic trip back in time yet all the while feeling fresh and modern. It is raw and experimental, and I absolutely loved it.

So, calling all goths and post-punk people out there! Please go and check out The House Flies and their take on the goth/alternative sound. I really don’t think you will be disappointed!

Track Listing:

1) Hounds

2) Sequin

3) Blue

4) Apple

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Lato – Karisma Ape

Lato formed around 2005, coming together from different bands from the Milan underground and features Filippo Pavesi (guitars and vocals), Tommaso Tofanetti (bass guitar), Alessandro Pastorelli (drums), Stefano Pavesi (lead guitar) and Roberto Bobby Fappani (keyboards and synths).

Karisma Ape is their new single and it was released on 26/01/2023 (today!)

It’s very hard to decide which genre this band belong to and I don’t think the band actually want to be defined as one particular category They want to blur the lines and create a whole new sound just for themselves, something they have done exceptionally well at!

This track is a combination of alternative rock riffs and psychedelic electronica, with a very funky and strong bass undertone. The guitars have a slight distortion on them giving the track a grunge feel and the drumming is relaxed yet solid and keeps the pace pf the song perfectly.

The vocals are floaty and way out, distortion once again playing a part in obtaining the right sound. Fuzzy back up vocals accompany the lead, bringing a very intoxicating ambience to the song.

This is a track that pulls you in and it is very difficult not to get caught up with the music as, although this song is not really a toe-tapper or a head-banger, it will definitely have you moving about it some vibrant and vivid way!

This is a great laid-back track that is perfect to chill out to. Look out for more from Lato as I am sure they will have lots more for us to enjoy!

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Midweek Metal Madness – 11/01/2023

Two hours of the best in rock, metal, goth and alternative brought to you by The Metal Priestess and The Gothic Priest \m/

Here is the playlist \m/

  • Mono Inc – Where The Ravens Fly (The Book Of Fire – 2020)
  • Armored Saint – Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants (Punching The Sky – 2020)
  • Van Halen – Ice Cream Man (Van Halen – 1978)
  • Kaine – Reforge The Steel (Reforge The Steel – 2019)
  • Kingdon Of Giants – Wayfinder (Passenger – 2020)
  • Saxon – And The Bands Played On (Denim And Leather – 1981)
  • Creations Tears – Untimely Reminder (Methods To End It All – 2010)
  • H.E.A.T – Dangerous Ground (H.E.A.T II – 2020)
  • Make Them Suffer (feat Courtney LaPlante) – Contraband (Contraband – 2021)
  • Black Sabbath – Call Of The Wild – (Headless Cross – 1989)
  • Black Tongue – Second Death (Nadir – 2018)
  • Volbeat – Say No More (Servant Of The Mind – 2021)
  • Manimal – Armageddon (Armageddon – 2021)
  • October Ends – Play Time (Phases – 2022)
  • 1818 – Believe (Hiraeth – 2016)
  • Thousand Foot Krutch – Courtesy Call (The End Is Where We Begin – 2012)
  • Two Witches – Eternal Passion (Eternal Passion – 1999)
  • Sabaton – To Hell And Back (Heroes – 2016)
  • Escape The Fate – Lightning Strike (Chemical Warfare – 2021)
  • Immortal – One By One (Sons Of Northern Darkness – 2002)
  • Electric Mob – Devil You Know (Discharge – 2020)
  • Falling In Reverse – Born To Lead (Fashionable Late – 2013)
  • Mortiis – Doppelganger (The Great Deceiver – 2016)
  • Laced In Lust – Rock You (First Bite – 2021)
  • Dimmu Borgir – Progenies Of The Great Apocalypse (Death Cult Armageddon – 2003)

Movment – Violence

There is a lot of mystery surrounding the band Movment. Coming from Mullingar in Ireland, they are four musicians, Martin Kelly (vocals, drums, words), Kevin Kelly (guitars, bass, keyboards, synths, programming, words), Mark Kelly (bass guitar) and Isabella Rowden Kelly (guitar) and Violence is their latest single, released on 18/11/2022.

An alternative / post-punk / grunge band, guitars and bass are at the heart of their sound but there is also an electronic element that plays a big part too.

The track starts off slowly and quietly with some soft guitar work and drumming before the heavy riffs kick on and the song builds in intensity and sound. There is an effective use of pace changes throughout the track creating peaks and troughs that really pull the listener in.

Distortion plays a noticeably big part in this track, both of the guitars and of the vocals, and this gives the song a very anti-establishment feel to it. There seems to be a lot of angst in the lyrics, and this spills over into the fuzziness of the music, which is both aggressive and angry.

I really liked this track, and I am checking out the band’s social media pages to discover more from them.

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Red Skies Mourning – Something About Her

Written by Samantha Flint

Thing song is one of those that just makes you feel overwhelmed with love and happiness. We all need to sometimes sit back and enjoy life and romance, and this song does exactly that!

“Something about her” maintains a fast beat throughout, adding to the hype and good vibe of the song. We get to really experience the emotional and romantic side of the band as the singer sings about his love interest.

This song is one of those feel-good songs, that everybody of all ages love and want to get up and dance to! The structural presentation of the song allows them to build up to a chorus full of happiness and romanticism, making us enjoy it even more! Not only is the music amazing, his vocals also are as they match to the music perfectly. 

“Something about her” is just such an amazing pop track and if you love this kind of music, then this is the perfect feel-good song for you! Be sure to check out this Red Skies Mourning’s song and even other tracks of theirs, as this cannot be missed!

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