A Beautiful Retribution


A Beautiful Retribution

A 5 Piece Metal/ Metalcore band from Birmingham,UK.
The band are looking to be added to playlists, get more radio play, receive reviews and complete more interviews. 

 Featured band of the week on The Metal Asylum Radio Show 

A Beautiful Retribution have released their first full album “I Am The Poison”
Some information from the band…

You can count big names like Machine Head, Lamb of God, Pantera, Trivium, Killswitch Engage and Periphery among their influences, but also some less well-known bands like Bury Tomorrow, Sylosis and Enterprise Earth… and some power metal for good measure.

A Beautiful Retribution, are an eclectic group of people with eclectic tastes in music.

Attached are 4 tracks taken from the bands first album “I am the Poison”, The full album is 10 tracks of pure metal delight, one play through will not be enough!!

ABR are:
Vocals: Matthew Little,
Lead Guitar & Vocals: Riggs,
Guitar: Jimm Wilson,
Bass: Darren Rhodes,
Drums: Parth Malde.

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