About Us

The Metal Asylum started out as a radio show on Biker Rock Radio in 2012 and, after moving around a few times, it has finally found its home as a weekly podcast. But, The Metal Asylum, isn’t just a radio show. We want to get new and old music out to the listeners and if we can introduce just one person to a new band, then we have done our job properly. Now, it is time for The Metal Asylum to take the next step!

Dawn Coombe

I have been a metalhead as long as I can remember and when the opportunity come up to present a heavy metal radio show, as The Metal Priestess, I jumped at it. Nothing beats finishing a show, knowing that it has gone well! I love all types of metal and everything gets featured on the show, so there should always be something for everyone!

Samantha Flint

Jon Coombe

I have been in to Heavy Metal, Gothic and Alternative music for over 40yrs and still love discovering new bands and songs everyday. You will find me on social media sites as the Gothic Priest which is my alter ego! If you are a new band who wants featuring or an existing band with new material to share, please get in touch. Email us for more information or questions. 

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