Bravo Bonez – TREASON

As soon as I heard Treason, I was in love with it! Bravo Bonez has teamed up with Alba Rose and I must say they have done exceptionally well with this new drop, and I honestly cannot fault them at all!

“Treason” is a groovy, jazz R&B hit, with a combination of different sounds. The track remains upbeat for the duration of the song, leaving us filled with positivity and happiness. There is a steady drum beat that just persuades us to get up and dance to it, it is honestly such a great song for a party.

Alba Rose’s vocals are also great in this tune, as the female vocals lift us up, and transform us into an incredible vibe. She sings incredibly, and her voice is filled with so much potential.

If you have never listened to Bravo Bonez’s music before, then “Treason” is the perfect one to start with and with one listen, you will undoubtedly become mesmerised by this song and the artists!

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Tara Hack – I Wish That It Could Be Christmas

Tara Hack has been a lover for music from a very young age, and has used this love to create some genuinely great music! Tara, from Long Island, takes strong inspiration from artists such as Coldplay, Avril Lavigne, and Vanessa Carlton. She has always loved those nostalgic and happy feelings that music can escape us to and has tried to reach that within her own music. Strangely, Tara has always had a love for 1940s and 1950s classic music, which she has combined with her more modern inspirations, to produce some amazing work!

With Christmas right around the corner, all the festive songs are coming out to help us raise our Christmas spirits. This is the perfect Christmas tune, which is upbeat, magical, and really gets us in the Christmas mood.

Tara’s vocals in this are absolutely incredible, and her voice is perfect for this kind of track. The upbeat melodies, and the energetic feel in her voice, create a positive and joyful atmosphere, perfect for the Christmas season.

This is not just the classic Christmas tune that we are familiar with, instead this includes more modern, and electronic elements, which make this song much more appealing to the younger audience as well. Undoubtedly, there is the use of bell-like sounds present, to really enhance that festive feel,

Please give Tara’s track a listen to, and you will find yourself decorating the tree in no time!

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Electric Sol – Looking For Love

Originating from the Sonoran Desert, this indie pop/dance group are rising through the music industry with their new take on music! As a 5-person band, every aspect is covered, and their music is just incredible. They created their music to encourage people onto the dance floor, and to meet new people.

As soon as I heard their latest release “Looking For Love” I thought, yes this is the one! I was so unexpectedly thrilled with this tune, and I cannot find a single fault in it.

The song is definitely one that gets you up and going, filled with good vibes and love. The beat is catchy and is the kind of song I would love to hear in a nightclub.

Edward Sweet, the usual lead vocalist of the group, does exceptionally well in this track. Although the vocals are kept to a minimum with its simplistic sound, they are extremely effective, and really keep us engrossed within the song. Additionally, we also have Lindsey Blair with her amazing backup vocals towards the end, which are just as unreal!

The lyrics are all literally about “Looking For Love,” as he feels ready to take that step in his life and this is a topic many can relate to.

Anyway, give Electric Sol’s new track a listen to, and you will definitely not regret it!

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Romain Gusty – If You Don’t Mind

Sometimes it is nice to review a track that is slightly different from my usual taste, and this new track has given me the chance to do so.

Romain Gusty, a French born and raised singer-songwriter, has made his return after almost 20 years. Romain begun his musical career in the 90s with his band work, but he returned in 2020 as a solo artist! He has really started to show his talent, and his newest release “If You Don’t Mind” is fantastic!

Romain has collaborated with Marc Bentel to create this country, folk track. This tune is a joyful, eccentric one that persuades you to dance. Romain’s music is very unique with his own sound, which does not stop surprising you. Not only does this song possess elements of country and folk, but there are also features of jazz music. The inclusion of trumpets adds to this jazz-like sound.

The vocals in “If You Don’t Mind” have that country like tone, which I find quite interesting and find myself enjoying very much. The track is quite rebellious in its lyrics, as he sings about sex, drugs, and politics.

If you find yourself a fan of this kind of music, then be sure to give Romain Gutsy a listen to!

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Rose Spearman – Who We Be

The Dutch/American singer-songwriter is back again with her new track, which dropped on 07/10/2022. Rose is very well known to sing about her own family issues, and things that she has experienced in her life. She has also found herself winning the European Borders Breakers Award and creating her own international music company, M.A.R.S. Label Group.

“Who We Be” is the perfect soft pop-rock hit, and I personally am so pleasantly surprised with this one! This track is undoubtedly a song of nostalgia and conflict. Spearman has previously mentioned that this song is about “being caught between white and black roots and between the USA and Europe.”   

The song has great groovy sound to it, with a beat that will stay in your head all day. The band sound is an excellent choice for this, as we feel a sense of realism.

Ultimately, it is clear that Rose Spearman’s voice is exceptional, full of beautiful harmonies. Her voice is so strong, and she definitely deserves recognition for her talents!

If you are yet to hear music from Rose, “Who We Be” should unquestionably be at the top of the list.

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Anton Commissaris – Straight On Down The Line

The music composer, pianist and vocalist, Anton Commissaris dropped a new hit “Straight On Down The Line” on the 21/10/2022. Anton, coming from the San Francisco Bay area, has always had a love for jazz and creating music. With vocal influences such as Paul McCartney and Frank Sinatra, his music immediately gains our interest.

This track is a jazz, swinging tune, that makes us want to tap our feet to. Anton’s use of the drums creates a joyful, exciting beat. The drums are accompanied by pianos and guitars, together creating a cheerful song. They even include a little guitar solo during the latter part of the song, which is just incredible!

Anton’s groovy vocals are another fantastic element of this song as not only do we have one vocalist, but we also have two! A female vocalist joins in with the choruses with her beautiful voice, really adding to the song’s intel.

“Straight On Down The Line” is a great jazz, and blues infused song, that you guys have got to have a listen to! Even if you find yourself not a usual fan of this genre, like me, I am certain you guys will be pleasantly surprised with the track!

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Nadirah X – I Got You

Nadirah is a Jamaican originated songster, who moved herself to Los Angeles to help her musical career to grow. Nadirah, better known as Nadz, has achieved some amazing things in her position, including performing with Mick Jagger in the film ‘Alfie’ and writing two poetry books. With her career beginning over a decade ago, Nadz is still creating music with her newest hit “I Got You,” which was released on 04/10/2022.

The rap/hip-hop track “I Got You” has all the elements of a great song! It is not every day that we hear a hard rap song by a female artist, and I think that is what makes this one so refreshing. With a lot to live up to, Nadz has created an exceptional song! Her rapping is smooth, and clear, and I honestly am in love with her sound.

The backbeat in this track is super catchy, and really adds to it. This is the kind of the track that you will be listening to on repeat all day!

Nadz’s lyricism in this is quite sweet, as she raps about love between two people, and how even in this difficult, strange word, all you need is love!

Go ahead and give “I Got You” a quick listen to and I promise you will find yourself loving it!

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Mary Ozaraga – Better Days

Mary Ozaraga is a singer-song writer from the Philippines. With her work starting during the global pandemic in lockdown, she begun to share her ideas and musical experiments.

“Better Days” is one of Mary’s most recent tracks that she personally wrote to help a friend who was battling with depression. The song creates an amazing atmosphere filled with love that just lifts us up.

First and foremost, Mary’s voice is amazing! When I first listened to this track, I was gobsmacked with how good she is! Her voice is extremely soothing and is perfect for this type of song.

This track is the ultimate pop-rock track, filled with positivity. The beat remains catchy and kind of just makes us want to get up and dance to it. There are elements of rock with the rough guitar that is in the background and this gives the song some rawness.

If you ever find yourself feeling down, this is undoubtedly the track to listen to! It raises your spirits, creates a sense of hope, and may even get you dancing along to the beat.

Mary has truly created a masterpiece with this one, and I am excited to hear other future music by her!

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Chris Ianuzzi – Lonesome Highway Superstar

Chris Ianuzzi has dropped his newest single “Lonesome Highway Superstar” and I got to say that is a great one!

Chris has always had an interest in electronic music and has used his love to create his own pieces. Chris, during his time, has toured Japan and Europe and worked in many different components of the music industry. Whilst being in New York, Chris worked in creating orchestral and electronic music for a HBO produced series, that was co-produced by Ron Howard and Tom Hanks. This is an incredible thing to achieve, and Chris has worked exceptionally hard to get where he is today.

The first time I heard this track, I immediately heard all the different musical elements of electric pop and synthwave. The electronically created beats are unrealistic and almost feel like outer space. It gives us an unusual, alien-like vibe, which is something I, personally, am unfamiliar with but the track’s unfamiliarity is something that intrigues us as a listener and makes us want to hear more.

The vocals in this song are awesome, but very minimalised, which I individually love.

If you are a fan of electric pop, then you should definitely give Chris Ianuzzi’s track a listen to! He has even recently dropped a music video to accompany his song, which is worth a watch!

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Frank Joshua – Loneliest Place In The World (Tim Angrave Solitary Version)

Frank Joshua is a London-based artist who keeps his identity anonymous, to allow people to just enjoy the music. His love of music stems from an early age, where he’d often find himself the DJ whilst listening to music with his friends. Frank creates music that almost whisks us away into another dimension with its sound. In just the last 2 years, Frank has managed to release eighteen different tracks, after spending so long keeping his music to himself.

“Loneliest Place In The World” is his most recent track. This song is a beautiful piano-led tune, and whilst the pianist is actually Tony White, Frank takes over with his amazing vocals.

Tim Angrave decided to take on doing a remix of this track and honestly it has turned out absolutely amazing! We discover a sense of conflict as naturality and urban reality clash into each other. This is one of those tracks that engrosses you with its sound, practically making us never wanting to leave.

Keep an eye out for Frank Joshua’s second album, ‘Talk Of Things’ due for release in January of 2023.

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