Mike Power – Compulsions

Mike Powers is an American singer / songwriter and musical storyteller as he combines melodic, haunting lyrics with simple musical arrangements. He wants to draw people into his own artistic world by using relatable lyrics to create introspective songs based on personal experiences.

With contributions from Reed Black on production, Luke Cissell on violin, Julie Rozansky on bass and Chris DeRosa on drums, Compulsions is an album of eight songs that takes the listener on a musical journey and was released on 11/11/2022.

The album starts with Crack of Dawn and is a soft, mellow introduction to an album that soon gets going and rocks up a bit.

Each track on the album is different from the previous and this gives it a diversity that will keep the listener guessing as to what is coming next, maintaining their engagement and interest.

Mike gains influence from 80s and 90s post-punk music and blends it with modern rock and unique song writing to create an individual sound.

The guitar work is superb and, along with the basslines, builds up in layers throughout the songs with power and combined with Mike’s vocals really lifts the songs. The guitar work is classic rock in nature but elements of country and even blues creep in every now and then, increasing the albums appeal to a wider audience.

The vocals are somewhat quirky but this, and the albums individuality as a whole, is really what makes the tracks stand out. Mike has a great voice, ranging from full on classic rock, to indie rock, to folk and everything in between. Hints of a country twang manage to work their way in every so often, but this only adds to the charmfulness of the album.

The pacing of the album is spot on, and the production is great. I would recommend listeners of all genres take a sneak peak at this one and see what they think for themselves.

Great musicians! Great singer! Great album!

Track Listing:

1) The Crack Of Dawn

2) Let The River Flow

3) I Like You

4) Like All Addicts

5) Day Drinking

6) The Untrained Eye

7) The Light In Your Eyes

8) Anything But Love

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Hangtime – Bloodsky

Hangtime is a band who has managed to combine distinctive styles to create a winning sonic formula, mixing electronic pop with industrial influences and a dark wave sound to generate a musical feast for the ears.

There is not much information about the band but their Instagram, implies they are an anonymous duo from New Mexico who formed ‘during lockdown’ and who let their music speak for itself.

Whoever they are, they take influence from the likes of Nine Ince Nails, Massive Attack, and Flying Lotus to produce a dark and atmospheric electro-rock sound.

Combining distorted guitar riffs, pounding drums and heavy synths this is an intriguing collection of songs that really makes the listener sit up and listen.

Electronic distortion plays a huge part in the sound of the album, and this is used on most of the instruments and on the vocals. Spoken word is interjected throughout the album as well as harmonious singing and this gives the album a mysterious air to it.

At about 42 minutes in length, this album is twelve tracks of insanely powerful and dark tracks, showing the bands passionate and mysterious outlook on electronic music and will certainly have you moving about.

Synthwave one minute, cyberpunk the next, and almost rave at other times, this album takes you on a musical journey and does not let up from start to finish. There is always something going on and this means the listener is kept interested and engaged.

If industrial, techno, electronic music mixed with a few drums and guitars is your thing then you are going to love this album. It may not to be everyone’s taste, but you never know until you give it a go!

Great album that the guys should be enormously proud of!

Track Listing:

1) Insert Coin

2) Someone Else

3) Planet Party

4) CO$tUS

5) The Wolf

6) Peter

7) My Story

8) Bloodsky Interlude

9) Unholye

10) Bird Box

11) Börek

12) Milky Ways

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Linda Sussman – A Power You‘ll never Know

Linda Sussman is a New York-based artist (solo/band) and award-winning songwriter whose music embraces folk, alternative-folk and blues and A Power You’ll Never Know is her latest song, released on 15/10/2022. Her songs explore the themes of love, heartache, triumph and social justice and her vocals have often been compared to those of Joan Baez.

A Power You’ll Never Know is an acoustic alt-folk track with a hint of blues thrown in for good measure.

Just her and her strong rhythm and fingerstyle guitar, with a touch of slide, this is an easy to listen to track that is relaxing and calming. The guitar playing is all done by Linda, herself, and she is joined by Kevin Kelly on bass.

Linda’s voice is beautiful, classic sounding with a touch of country to give her a slight edge and her range is broad.

The guitars that accompany her are perfect for the song, enough to keep the track flowing but not to over-powering to drown out her vocals.

This is a lovely, easy listening track that is perfect for sitting in a hammock somewhere, a cold beer in hand and just taking in your surroundings.

It may not be to everyone’s taste, but the song is executed well, and the production is great.

Awesome job!

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Hollow River – Aspartame

Hollow River is a Canadian Pop-Punk-Rapper whose sound blends fast, upbeat guitars and rhythm sections with lyrics that are dripping with vivid imagery and Aspartame is his new song, released on 30/11/2022.

A quirky song with some intelligent lyrics, this fuse rapping with some melodic singing on the choruses to create a hybrid sound that straddles many genres, from alternative to pop-punk to emo/skater rock.

Using acoustic guitars as a simple accompaniment for the rapping sections, electric guitars explode for the choruses, giving the track a two-sided approach that contrasts well.

The backing music is solid and keeps the track flowing nicely and the vocals, both the rapping and the singing parts, are strong and powerful, if a little individual.

The track is only just over two minutes in length, but this is more than enough time for it to have an impact on you, as the catchiness of the lyrics means it will have you humming for the rest of the day.

Although maybe not for everyone, I hope to hear more from hollow River in the future as I feel he could really grow as an artist and a musician, and we will get some superb stuff from him!

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Ollie Twohill – Hollow

Ollie Twohill is a singer / songwriter based on the East Coast of Australia and plays guitar-based melodic rock / pop.

He has been playing live venues for the past six years after busking on the streets of NSW Northern Rivers and the southern Gold Coast and Hollow is his latest song, released on 16/11/2022.

A song about an unexpected break up and the emotions it involves, this is a track that many people will be able to connect with and this will enhance its appeal.

This song has quite an upbeat feel to it, despite its subject matter, that changes pace many times as it progresses. This could, perhaps, represent the up and down of emotions that the theme of the song would create, and if this is the case, the artist has done it to perfection.

Mixing acoustic guitars with electric creates a great sound, with the solos being and immaculately performed. The vocals are powerfully performed, with just a hint of quirkiness to them, but packed so full of emotion the listener can really feel the sentiments being portrayed.

There is a BIG sound to this track, and it is hard to believe that it is all created by one man, and this is due, not only to the excellent production of the song, but also to the talent of the artist.

A great song! Well done and I look forward to hearing more!

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Sandra’s Wedding – One Horse Town

Wow, this song really took me back in time! And that is in no way a bad thing! A mix of 90’s indie rock with 80’s post punk, new wave, this is a great track that will really get you moving.

Sandra’s Wedding are a three-piece alternative band from Goole, East Riding of Yorkshire comprising of Joe Hodgson (Vocals), Jonny Hughes (Guitars) and Luke Harrison (drums) and One Horse Town is their latest track, released on 09/12/2022.

The guitar work in this song really takes you back to the indie songs of the 1990’s, fuzzy during most of the song with clean guitar solos that really makes the song stand out, yet the singers voice is very reminiscent of bands such as the Smiths and The Housemartins. His vocals are strong with a grittiness that makes them more than just a “jangle pop” band.

This is a band that could be right at home playing an indie festival yet still feature on Top Of The Pops (who remembers that programme!?) They are a rock band, with the added bonus of being able to appeal to the “pop” side of things too.

The drumming is spot on and, together with the bass, keeps the song flowing. The song pretty much finishes as its starts but with lots of pace and time changes throughout which means the listener is always engaged and if you are not tapping your foot, at least, by the end of it, do you even know what music is?

Anthemic with its catchy, singalong chorus, this track will appeal to a wide range of people. I listen to a LOT of music and this one certainly made an impact on me!

I will definitely be keeping my ears on alert for anything else these guys do!

Great track!

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Swamp Eyes – Something’s In The Hall

Swamp Eyes is the brainchild of American singer / songwriter Sam Kuban and Something’s In The Hall is his debut album, released on 09/12/2022 and containing eight original songs.

The concept behind the album is a personal one to Sam, as it is a “direct emotional response to navigating the intense fear surrounding an unforeseen diagnosis and it’s complications from a parental perspective” after his daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when she was seventeen months old.

Mixing alternative rock, indie and folk, this is a very experimental album that straddles many genres, proving how diverse the artist is.

Using both acoustic guitars as well as electric gives the album a fuzzy, almost grungy vibe while also retaining sentiment and feeling.

It is really the vocals that make this album. Obviously, being a theme that is personal to himself, Sam sings with raw passion, his emotions portrayed in both his vocals and the lyrics. He has a certain grittiness about his vocals, which gives him a powerful voice, one that he can switch between harmonic melodies and emo screams effortlessly, but one that also leaves him open and vulnerable.

Layered back up vocals also give the songs depth and I think, even without any music, this album would still be great.

Speaking of music, musically, this album is solid with nothing to fault. How this guy manages to get such a big sound on his own I will never know but he does, and he does it brilliantly.

I had to listen to this album two or three times, the tracks poignant and thought-provoking. I don’t know how I would cope with such a diagnosis of one of my kids, and I don’t think any parent would until it happened to them, but this album can at least give us an insight.

Well done to Sam for making such a personal album and allowing us all to listen to it. I hope to hear more great things from him in the future!


1) Trash Palace

2) Wait For The Lights

3) Dig A Hole

4) The Farm Up North

5) Mess Maker

6) Scurry

7) Eat Us

8) Cheers

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Great Time – Live In Philadelphia

Great Time are a Philadelphia based trio and Live In Philadelphia is their latest album, released on 09/11/2022.

A live recording, of which I am not normally a fan, this album is so laid back, its almost falling over! And what a refreshing change to hear a live album that is NOT full of crowd noise, clapping and cheering. The audience must have been on their best behaviour that night!

Great Time are an alternative / indie band comprising of Jill Ryan (vocalist, multi-instrumentalist), Zach Hartmann (bass, synths) and Donnie Spackman (drums, synths) and have built up a reputation as a must-see live act.

Not only do these guys span a multitude of genres, but they also blur the lines between them all too. Mixing the guitar riffs of alternative rock with some fab basslines and laid-back drumming, the band also throw some soul, some funk and even a huge dollop of jazz into the mix too.

This is a band who is not afraid to experiment, and this album really is a treat for the listening gear! All sorts of sounds come through the speakers, from the usual guitar riffs and clashing cymbals of the drums to the more diverse flute and saxophone and all of this is combined with electronic pulses and sounds throughout that really give this band a sound unlike anything I have heard before.

The female vocals are a perfect match for the musical composition, floaty and euphoric to give that psychedelic vibe, but strong enough to keep command of the songs. Her voice is almost hypnotic as it draws you in and, together with the groovy music she is accompanied by, the listener is transfixed.

Kenny G meets Jamiroquai meets Jethro Tull meets Hawkwind!!! This album is atmospheric in places, pure rock n roll in others while also being jazz-infused, soul at other times.

As you listen to this album it is actually quite hard to believe that this is a LIVE album. Not only is this due to the production being top class, but it is also due to the sheer amount of talent that this trio have. For just three people these guys have a BIG sound, and we can understand why they have built themselves up a huge live following.

Overall, this is a great, laid-back album that will soon get you chilled out and relaxed. If this is your thing, then please go and check it out. I am going to check out the band’s recorded stuff and see what that’s all about.

Awesome album!


1) 80z Slo Jam

2) All Red E

3) Flatmax

4) one.thirty.seven

5) Homerun

6) Lazy Lilly

7) Feather

8) Rushin’

9) I could Be

10) Rah’n Tah’n Kregg

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N4November – A World Of So Much Hate

N4November is a “one-man-not-so-band,” the brainchild of Alex, a Filipino/Chinese musician who was born in Australia and A World Of So Much Hate is his debut EP, released on 18/11/2022.

Comprising of six tracks, the EP is just under 22 minutes long and is the music he wrote at the age of 16 years old coming to life, with the help of musician, Rich Mammo.

Alex’s voice is soft and intimate and coupled with beautiful, introspective lyrics, it makes for some really nice songs. The one thing I will say about this though, is that I think he may have needed to mix it up a bit, with each song sounding much like the last.

Despite this, however, we have to remember that this is N4Nobvember’s debut EP, and he really has done a wonderful job with it. There is emotion in his lyrics and in his vocals, the subject themes of the tracks maybe personal to him, and to be able to portray such emotion is always something that should be celebrated.

Musically, the album is solid, and the two of them obviously work well together.

Fusing emo pop/rock and indie rock, there is nothing ground-breaking about this EP, but it is a solid first offering from this obviously talented musician. With a few more years under his belt, I can see N4November being at the top of his game and making awesome music.

Keep up the splendid work, Alex and I look forward to hearing more from you in the near future!


1) Dear Friend

2) Constant Reminder

3) Movies

4) Half Of Mine

5) Mistakes And Hearbreak

6) A World Of So Much Hate

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Matt DeAngelis – Change Your Ways

Matt DeAngelis is a 24-year-old singer / songwriter from Southern New Jersey and Change Your Ways is his latest track, released on 18/11/2022. Having been writing songs since the age of eight, Matt has an “ultimate goal of spreading a positive attitude in a world riddled with strife and negativity,” and as I have always maintained, music is a fantastic way to do this.

Starting with just the soft sound of a piano playing, matt’s distinctive voice kicks off this soft rock / indie power ballad. With gentle drumming keeping time magnificently and an acoustic guitar providing a rhythm to sing along to, this track is beautifully and powerfully executed.

Matt’s voice is delightful, haunting yet dominant, never allowing the instruments behind him to drown him out. He sings with passion and conviction and the listener can tell the issues he is singing about mean a lot to him, as he is an avid advocate for climate change and mental health.

The track changes pace slightly, but significantly, part way through with a rap section, showing just how diverse this guy is.

I loved this track. Finishing with a crescendo of crashing drums and electric guitar solos before a few piano notes and the distant sound of cymbals, this is a power rock / pop ballad done right!

What a wonderful track that is full of emotion and one that will strike you right in the heart!!

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