Love Ghost – Snap

Having previously reviewed lots of music by Love Ghost in the past, I am always eager to hear more from this very prolific band from Los Angeles.

Mixing hip-hop and rap with emo pop-rock and nu-metal, this is a band who have created a sound quite unique to them. With some tracks leaning more to the rock side of things, and others favouring the R&B aspect of their sound, this is a band who really can turn their hand to anything.

Snap, a dark trap song about transforming into someone or something that you wanted to be but felt like you couldn’t due to depression, is the band’s latest track, and was released on 01/09/2023.

Again, featuring lyrics in both English and Spanish, Snap is a collaboration with Mexican artist CHZTER as is a great blend of hip-hop with some hard rock undertones. The beats really get into your head, pulling you into the song, and soon become your earworm for the day, the echoes of the songs resonating in your brain long after you have finished listening to it.

Not only is the contrast between English and Spanish great to hear again, but the contrast between the clean vocals and the rapping, from both male and female singers, really does give the song a great dynamism and just one listen through is not enough to hear all that this track has to offer.

Once again, Love Ghost have come up trumps with this track. Their diversity and talent really stand out with each track they release, and I cannot wait to hear more!

Excelente! And also check out the video below!

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Barking Poets – Southsea Sounds

Barking Poets are an alternative punk rock band from Camden in London consisting of members Neil Murray on vocals and guitar, Ander Mendia on bass and vocals and Conor Heary on drums, percussion and vocals, and Southsea Sounds is their latest EP, released on 01/09/2023.

Recording the EP in Portsmouth with acclaimed produced Tim Greaves, it was released via Engineer Records and has lyrical themes of political confusion and societal frustration along with evocative lyrics of 21st century London life and this is all done with a positive, optimistic vibe.

A great blend of alternative rock and punk rock, this EP really does reach out to many genres for influence, and this is a band who is not afraid to wear these influences on their sleeves.

With six punchy tracks, this is an EP full of upbeat riffs and beats and melodic lyrics that really do get the listener up and bouncing around.

The guitar work is heavy, with riffs flying at the listener from all angles, and the drumming is frantic and energetic. Strong, meaty basslines shine through, keeping the songs tight and on track, and musically, this EP is fantastically done.

But let’s not forget the vocals, which are strong and powerful, with a grittiness that places them in the hard rock / alternative rock genre, but also with an attitude that is most definitely influenced by the punk movement. With shouty backup vocals to accompany the leads, the EP definitely leans more towards punk rock, and this really gives the EP an anthemic vibe to it.

This is a great EP that fans of punk rock, alternative rock and classic rock will all appreciate and I, for one, am really looking forward to more music that this band produce.

Great job, well done!

Track Listing:

1) Getting Away With It

2) We Will Overcome

3) I Could Have Been A Contender

4) Punching Down

5) Part Of The Problem

6) London Town

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Robert Vendetta – Here And Now

Robert Vendetta is an artist, a producer, and a songwriter, who loves music, and exploring different styles. He loves performing and has even performed for the Norwegian royal family! His heroes include James Brown, Elvis, and Dee Snider.

Anyways, Robert Vendetta has just released a brand new single, “Here And Now.” This is an acoustic/folk track that is incredible! It has a brilliant beat and is very contagious! The music is soft, yet very interesting and I love it!

Without a doubt, Robert’s vocals are amazing! He sings so flawlessly and is able to reach some insane notes! His voice is almost angelic, and I cannot wait to hear what else he has for us!

Be sure to check out Robert’s newest release, “Here And Now” and you will undoubtedly love it!

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Gary Pratt – Number One Fan

Gary Pratt is a country music star from Pittsburgh, USA and his latest single, Number One Fan, a re-worked version of a song Gary wrote many years go about his mum, was released on 29/08/2023.

Offering a modern spin on a traditional country track, Number One Fan is the seventh single from his 2021 album Something Worth Remembering, an album that has had more that 400k Spotify streams.

Serving as an anthem of appreciation for anyone’s number one fan, the song is a great country rock-based track, with influences from other genres, from soft rock to alternative rock.

The guitars have the distinct twang and strumming of country rock, with guitar solos that have a classic rock feel to them, and they really do send shivers down your spine. The drumming and percussion side of things are quite laid back, leaving the guitar work and vocals to drive the song.

The vocals on this song are truly epic, country rock in essence but with a classic sound. Gary’s voice is strong and powerful and is packed full of emotion, portraying the theme of the track perfectly. With layered backup vocals as an accompaniment, there really is a great depth and dynamism to the song and the song builds in intensity as it progresses, more emotion spilling out from the lyrics and guitar playing.

If you like country rock with a modern twist then Gary Pratt is your go to guy! This is a great song, and I can see why it reached number 8 on the iTunes Country Songs chart!

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Centreshift – The Ride

Centreshift are a four-piece rock band from Los Angeles, consisting of singer / guitarist Jason Radford from Onesidezero, Ryan Stuber (ex-Shuvel) on guitar, Ted Wenri (ex-Bemus) on bass and Stefan Storace (ex-BLüPRNT) on drums, and The Ride is the band’s latest single, released on 21/06/2023, coming on the heels of their previous single Fade Away.

An alternative rock band, Centreshift have a very nostalgic sound as they take the listener on a journey back to the 90’s, while having some influences from other rock genres seeping in, as well as keeping their sound modern and fresh.

The guitar work is heavy when it needs to be, with riffs thrown at the listener from all angles, yet there is also a melodicness to the track that really pulls the listener in, almost hypnotically. There is a slight distortion on the guitars that gives the track a slight grungey feel but this only adds to the appeal of the song.

The drumming is quite laid-back during the verses but takes it up a notch when the choruses hit, and the song really explodes. The meaty basslines that show through give the track a solid foundation and everything builds from there.

The vocals are a bit quirky, but the singer has a very powerful voice that is just at home singing the more melodic parts of the song as he is the more intense choruses, when the strength in his voice really shows through. He is accompanied by some haunting back up vocals and this gives the track a great atmosphere.

This is a great track that I have listened to more than once on repeat now and each time it just gets better and better. Be sure to check out Centreshift and their music. Available on Spotify now!


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SHSH – The Great Paradise Of Tomorrow

SHSH are a Lithuanian industrial thrash metal band consisting of members Mastermind on lead guitar, Saxocutioner on vocals and saxophone, Edgelord on rhythm guitar, Riot on drums and Mr Lead on bass. The Great Paradise Of Tomorrow is their latest album and was released on 28/08/2023.

Along with the wacky names as mentioned above, each member of the band is a different welder character with their own unique personality, each hiding behind the character they are portraying.

So, now you know a bit about the band, what of the album?

This is a genuine masterpiece of thrash metal combined with a multitude of other genres thrown in for good measure.

The guitars are heavy, with riffs that change from plodding, almost death-metal type riffs, to faster ones that really speed up the song, and this is done many times throughout the song. The meaty basslines that backup the guitars are also heavy and really set the feel of the album. On top of all this the drumming is energetic and frantic, the double kick drums really creating a galloping drum sound, but where need be, they drop down a notch or two to become more pounding, yet slower.

The pace changes both throughout each track and between tracks is really great to hear as this really keeps the listener engaged with the music at all times. You just never know from one minute to the next what direction a particular track, or the album as a whole, is going to go and this really makes for interesting listening.

As well as superbly executed music on this album, the vocals really help create an almost unique sound for the band, as they switch from death metal growls to black metal and metalcore screams, with a bit of clean singing thrown in. The vocals are strong and with grit and rawness to them, they really suit the music they are accompanying.

This is a fantastic album and I wonder why I have never heard of them before now. This is an album that really does have it all, galloping riffs, pounding drums, edgy vocals and enough hooks and melodies to really pull you in. With eight tracks totalling 38 and a half minutes, this album is brutal, totally in your face, and with a big, big sound.

Head on over to Spotify to check them out…..I’ll see you there as I need to hear more stuff by them. Looking forward to what is coming next!

Track Listing:
1) Morgen
2) I Have No Mouth
3) The Shamen
4) Cracked Open
5) Homeopsychopathy
6) MK Ultra
7) The Great Paradise Of Tomorrow
8) My Way

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Pearly Gates – No Horn To Blow

Pearly Gates are a four-piece alternative rock band from Charlottetown in Canada, consisting of members Mark Palmer on vocals and guitar, Roger Carter on drums, Colin Buchanen on guitar and vocals and Chris Francis on bass, and No Horn To Blow is their latest single, released on 11/08/2023.

With influences including The Kinks, The Beatles, Syd Barrett, Small Faces, XTC, Oasis, The Brian Jonestown Massacre and Supergrass, this is a band that seems stuck somewhere between the sound of the 60’s and the Britpop era of the 90’s.

Opening with some very 60’s influenced guitar riffs, the track is inspired by the sarcastic wit of Ray Davies and The Kinks and is a cheeky take on comparing oneself to other people, letting things go and forgiving past mistakes and bettering oneself.

Musically, the song is quite laid-back, with retro guitar playing and melodic drumming and bass work. Things are taken up a notch when needed but overall, the music is easy going and straight-forward to listen to.

The vocals are typical of the indie rock sound, with a slight nostalgic feel too. Accompanied by layered backups there is a great depth to the track, and this makes it very engaging to listen to.

This is a great track that is very edgy and extremely catchy, and the lyrics and melodies will stick in your head long after you have finished listening to it.

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Moose Wrench – Not My Name

Moose Wrench are a trio from Leeds, consisting of Craig Robertson on keytar and vocals, Colin Sutton on bass and Thom Gardner on drums. Formed in 2022 and classing themselves as the “ultimate in dad-bod alt-core,” the band’s main influences include Mr Bungle, Fantomas, Primus, Ween and Sleepytime Gorilla Museum.

Having previously reviewed their debut single, I was eager to hear more from them and Not My Name is the band’s second single from the upcoming album Not Dead Yet and it was released on 28/08/2023.

As with the band’s first single, this track is a mass of post-punk, alternative rock goodiness that will appeal to a wide range of listeners. This song, however, has seen the band progress in their sound and for a second single this one really ticks all the boxes.

The guitars have a heavy but raw feel to them, providing an almost punk like sound, and these are complimented fantastically by the meaty yet funky basslines that are prevalent throughout the whole track. The drums are raw yet energetic and musically, this track literally has it all.

Accompanying the great music, which really explodes in the latter half of the song, with rumbling drums and electrifying riffs, the vocals also tend to lean towards the punk side of rock, but there is also a grittiness to them that means they could fit in with any genre of heavy rock!

After hearing this, I really can’t wait for the album to drop! Please head on over to Spotify and social media and see what you think of Moose Wrench and their music for yourselves. I really don’t think they will disappoint!

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LokkisKott – Deep Inside

LokkisKott is a singer / songwriter from Australia and Deep Inside is his angst ridden single, released on 31/03/2023. Hailing from Goulburn in New South Wales LokkisKott is the alter ego of Lachie Alford, and this project is guided by his own personal philosophy.

The track is a deeply personal song that was written while LokkisKott was still in his early teens, but after honing and perfecting it for release now, the themes it describes are obviously still prevalent today.

With a guitar for accompaniment, there are gothic and alternative metal influences shining through, even though the song is predominantly acoustic. This really gives the track a unique sound, its metalcore yet its not metalcore at the same time and this really is a strong point of the song.

LokkisKott’s raw vocals really stand out in the track and the emotion is clearly evident in his voice. A mix of melodic vocals with emo / metalcore screams there is something really special about this track. Most other bands or artists would have gone with the full-on electric sound, but I think the way this is done has so much more impact as the emotion and rawness really are the driving force behind the song.

This is a fantastic track, and one that I hope will lead on to big things for the artist.


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Sanjay Michael – Rocking Into Midnight

Sanjay Michael is a singer / songwriter from Singapore and Rocking Into Midnight is his latest album, released on 07/07/2023.

Sanjay believes that rock music is always in the hearts and minds of those who believe in it and, as such, is doing what he can to carry the rock n roll torch, as can be seen from this appropriately named album. He says, “I sought to create the kind of monster album that I listened to when I was younger – a large collection of hit singles that were carefully curated and arranged so that the album was a journey in itself.”

With a foundation in classic rock, this album spreads out into indie rock, rock n roll and even the blues, creating a sound that is unique to him.

Kicking off with the title track, Rocking Into Midnight, a fist-pumping anthem of a track, this album shows the listener what it is all about right from the off, and that is full-on rock and roll!

Sanjay played all the instruments, except the drums, himself, as well as providing the vocals, because the more he decided to try, the more he found he could do, proving him to be a very talented musician indeed.

The guitar work on the album ranges from acoustic strumming with country rock undertones, to totally in your face classic rock riffs, and the solos are certainly ones that will send shivers down your spine. With a wall of sound coming from the electric guitars this really is an electrifying and uplifting album to listen to.

The rest of the music is strong and powerful, with pounding drums and meaty basslines and this really is the driving force behind the album.

The vocals are classic rock in style, strong yet with a nostalgic feel to them. Accompanied by layered backups, there really is a great depth to each and every song and this really keeps the listener engaged.

Although there are ten tracks on this album, each one is completely different to the previous and this really keeps the album moving. At just over fifty-two minutes in length, this is an album that can drag you away from the stresses and pressures of real life with an “unrelenting, joyous energy.”

The album is upbeat, melodic and will have you dancing around the living room by the time the first song has finished! A great way to spend just under an hour.

Awesome job!

Track Listing:
1) Rocking Into Midnight
2) Rattlesnake Shuffle
3) Fly Away
4) Rockin’ Machine
5) Vampire Girl
6) Backtracks
7) Should Have Never Let You Go
8) It’s Just Business
9) Friday Night Drinks
10) City Blues

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