Electric High – Seven Wonders

Electric High is rock band from Bergen, Norway and consists of PV Staff on vocals, Olav Iversen on vocals, Marius Mørch on guitars, Einride Torvik on bass and Tor Helge Opdahl on drums.

Seven wonders is their latest single and was released on 10/03/2023. About promising too much in order to get what you want but taking it more than a few steps too far and biting far more than you can chew, the song is quite upbeat and will definitely be an ear worm once you have heard it through a couple of times, as it is really catchy.

A brilliant combination of classic rock and alternative rock, the song has quite a hard rock sound, with heavy guitars sending riffs at the listener from all angles. Slight distortion gives it a hint of grunge and the guitar solo is executed superbly. The drumming is raw and energetic and the bass lines give the track a funky bounce.

The vocals on this song have grittiness about them, strong and powerful and the dual leads is a great style to have. Each voice bounces off the other and the two are a great accompaniment for each other.

The song slows down in pace towards the end and develops a swagger but soon builds up again as the song comes to a close.

This is a great track and I look forward to hearing much more from these guys.

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Jeff Lake – Midnight Sun

Jeff Lake is a multi-genre singer / songwriter who has written music for the multi-platinum recording artist, Michalis, and also the theme song for CBS’s Latin American Idol spinoff show, the Nueva Estrella Awards. Jeff has perfected his craft by playing alongside members of the Billy Joel Band, the Dennis DeYoung Band (Styx), and the Transiberian Orchestra and he started his career as frontman for the hair metal band Big bang, opening for likes of Winger, White Lion and Extreme!

Midnight Sun is his latest single and was released on 03/03/2023.

A fantastic blend of hard rock, country and folk rock, Midnight Sun is a very catchy song that will definitely getting you tapping your foot along to the beat.

The track kicks off as soon as it starts with stomping vocals, a pounding drum beat and the unmistakable twang of a country rock guitar. The song is upbeat and the combination of electric guitars and drums with traditional bluegrass instruments is fantastic, the contrast between the two a great treat for the listener.

Jeff’s vocals are superb as he mixes classic rock with country rock and has a slight gruffness in his voice that really makes the track stand out. With layered backing vocals accompanying him on the choruses, this song really does have a big sound with some deep lyrics.

This is a great track that will appeal to fans of country rock and classic rock alike as Jeff has blurs the lines that separates the two genres to create a sound that is all his own.

Available now so please go and check jeff and his music out!

This review is the property of The Metal Asylum