Rich Campanella – Over And Over

Today we are looking at one of Richard Campanella & The Sunrise Band’s newest releases, “Over And Over” and there is no denying that it is an incredible track.

“Over And Over” is a classic rock tune, and literally everything about it is amazing. The music, the vocals and even the production are just insane, and I cannot fault Rich Campanella at all.

Starting with the music. The drums and the guitars are just brilliant, and the music that they create is one that you will definitely find yourself bopping your head along to it.

There is no doubting that Rich Campanella’s vocals are insane. His voice has a very edgy, but smooth sound to it, and he is clearly very talented.

I cannot recommend this track enough, so be sure to head over to Spotify now, and give “Over And Over” a little listen to, and I can assure you will love it!

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  1. wow guys you hit it on the head…and thanks you for your wonderful words about my song over and over… on that signature ascending double note riff it pulls you in and screams at you and my producer who worked with Shakira nailed it as you noted!! follow me on IG @getrichsignedtolabel

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