Moose Wrench – Don’t Let Me Down

Moose Wrench are a trio from Leeds, consisting of Craig Robertson on keytar and vocals, Colin Sutton on bass and Thom Gardner on drums. Formed in 2022 and classing themselves as the “ultimate in dad-bod alt-core,” the band’s main influences include Mr Bungle, Fantomas, Primus, Ween and Sleepytime Gorilla Museum.

Don’t Let Me Down is the third and final single from the band’s upcoming album, Not Dead Yet, and was released on 17/10/2023.

With slightly quirky undertones, this is a band who are not afraid to wear their post-punk and rock influences on their sleeves, all while maintaining a sound that is unique to them.

The verses are somewhat subdued, with just some almost spoken lyrics and gentle music in the background as an accompaniment. It’s during the choruses that the fuzzy distorted guitars kick in, sending the listener’s aural senses in all directions! The drumming remains passive throughout the whole track, but really keeps everything in time and tight.

The vocals are, once again, very individual, and eclectic and this really adds to the charm of the song. This is a very experimental track, but one I think really works. It’s a fun track that more people should hear so head on over to Spotify and see what you think for yourself!

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