To Hell With Tradition – Blind Spots

To Hell With Tradition (aka Achim Hofmeyer) has released his fourth album in four years and Blind Spots was released on 06/10/2023.

An album that is an edgy combination of a multitude of genres from indie rock to post-punk to synth rock/pop, this has twelve tracks that combine to make a great concept album with the theme that life is progress and stagnancy is death.

With music that combines both pop and rock at the same time, electronic synths are the driving force behind the album’s sound. Guitars and drums are used to great effect, really keeping the songs tight and on track.

The elements of this album that really stand out to me are the quirkiness of the music and the vocals. Quite progressive there is always something going on musically, which never lets the listener become disengaged with the songs, and the use of secondary instruments that really gives the sings their unique sound. The vocals are really eclectic and, with a punk hint to them, they really do stand out. There is an almost monotone sound to them, but this is taken up and notch or two at times throughout the album and this really creates a unique vocal soundscape that really does pull the listener in.

Each song has its own unique personality and together they really do tell a great story. There is a great vibe to this album, the songs are quite upbeat but there is also a lot of emotion here too.

Absolutely fantastic in a quirky sort of way! Check them out and see for yourself!

Track Listing:

1) The Line

2) Ricochets

3) Pebbles

4) Rerun

5) Spin

6) Echoes

7) Open Season

8) Obedience

9) Trial

10) Red Herring

11) Hangover

12) The Wheel

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