She Made Me Do It – Artificial

She Made Me Do It are a post-punk electro-rock duo consisting of members Shaheena Dax and Will Crewdson. Artificial is their new five track EP and was released on 06/10/2023.

Opening with the melancholic title track, the EP soon erupts into a mixture of soaring vocals, heavy guitars, and electronic synths.

With deep themes about loss, grief, jealousy and love, the EP can resonate with a variety of listener and the combination of rock with the electronic sounds really takes the listener on a nostalgic journey back in time.

There are riffs galore throughout the EP and the solos are very classic in style, and this really gives the sound an edgy feel to it. With pounding drums that keep the beat perfectly, there are plenty of crashing cymbals and heavy beats and with some meaty yet funky basslines, the tracks all have a certain groove to them.

The female vocals are hauntingly beautiful yet with a certain grittiness to them that really makes them stand out. There is emotion in the singing, and this portrays the themes of the songs wonderfully.

This is a fantastic EP that will appeal to fans of classic rock, alternative rock, and grunge rock alike,. The 80’s influence is evident to hear, but there is also a 90’s vibe that shows its head every now and then and this really shows how diverse this pair are.

Extremely talented, with so much to offer, I really can’t wait to hear more from this duo in the near future. Please check them out and see what you think for yourself!

Track Listing:

1) Artificial

2) Free Again

3) Abandoned

4) Strangest Reason

5) All In The Name Of Love

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