Whiteroomnightmare – Heart Mind Devil Sea

WHITEROOMNIGHTMARE is the brainchild of self-taught musician Paul Anketell and the man from Northern Ireland has been making music for about two years now. He says on his Facebook page that he “makes music that is too heavy for some and not heavy enough for others!” But he thinks it is “just right.”

This isn’t the first time I have reviewed music by this man, and I must say that his latest album, Heart Mind Devil Sea, released on 06/10/2023 is a great mixture of everything I have previously reviewed.

A combination of rock, punk, alternative and metal, the album has twelve songs that are all loosely tied together by the theme of ‘decisions’, something that affects everybody throughout their lives.

The guitar work throughout the album ranges from full on riffs to more intricate work, really driving the songs forward, and fantastic solos finish off the guitar sound perfectly. Slight distortion is used on some of the tracks really giving the tracks a great, grungey, fuzzy sound and this really adds to the appeal of the songs.

Accompanying the guitars are thundering drums that are ferocious at times but a bit more subdued at others and this really gives each track on the album a different feel and its own personality.

With hard rock and metal elements shining through on this album, it is also quite melodic too and this shows the sheer talent this guy has. His vocals are strong and powerful yet with a soft and gentle approach, really giving the songs a distinctive sound. He has mixed in with the leads some powerful backing vocals and this really gives the album a great depth and dynamism.

As previously mentioned, each track on the album has its own individual sound and this is helped by the different pace and timings that each song has. The listener is unsure as to what direction the album is going to go in next and this really makes for some interesting listening, the listener always engaged and entertained by what they are hearing.

To top all of the above off, there is also a slight progressive nature to the album, and this means that it has so much to offer and with so much going on, more than one listen through is needed.

This is a great sound and album from just one guy, and I really can’t wait to hear more from him in the future. Awesome!! Please go and check out Whiteroomnightmare and see what you think for yourself!

Track Listing:

1) What You’re Made Of

2) Are You Happy Now?

3) Pageturner

4) Thumb Print Head

5) Bluebottle

6) A Mountain To Nothing

7) I’m Sorry It’s You

8) Fishing For Humans

9) Tabula Rasa

10) The Torch

11) Stay

12) Dead In The Water

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