Pressure – Heroes Will Fall

Pressure is a story metal band from Sweden with strong connections to modern music, storytelling, and showmanship, founded back in 2018, and consists of three members, Simon Forsell on guitars, drums and keyboard, Olli Violet on vocals and Olof Jönsson also on vocals. With the help of session bassist Ignacio Arrua, the band produce songs that are diverse as they believe that different styles of music tell stories differently.

Heroes Will Fall is the band’s latest EP, released on 06/10/2023, and all stories are told from the demon’s perspective, the deeper meaning of it is to never judge a book by its cover.

“The land trembles in both fear and anticipation as the two demonic commanders embarks on their final battle. With glory, love, companionship, honor, and pride in their hearts they raise the flag one last time to see who will be standing when the smoke settles. The Oath is taken, and in the metal morning the hoarde has already taken their final stand. The demon huntress leads the charge across the bridge and the fierce enemy awaits at the bridgehead. Who will prevail?”

The EP has a very power metal feel to it, with haunting female vocals mixed with male backups and this really adds depth and dimension to the tracks. Symphonic lyrics and vocals are mixed with starker classic metal ones, both from the male and female leads, and this really creates a great contrast, not only from song to song but also between tracks.

The music side of things is absolutely fantastic. Heavy guitar riffs are combined with electronic synths to create a very orchestral sound that perfectly matches the symphonic vocals. The drumming is ferocious and really drive the songs and combined with some meaty basslines, this section really takes commands.

Overall, this is an awesome EP that delivers everything that it promised to. I have reviewed individual singles previously from this band but putting them all together in one EP really does show how diverse and talented this bunch. I said in a previous review that I was eagerly waiting for the EP, and I can safely say that it definitely did not disappoint!

Please check out this fantastic band and see what you think of them for yourselves! You are going to love them.

Track Listing:

1) Demonic Oath

2) Demon Warrior

3) Metal Morning

4) Demon Huntress

5) My Old Dagger

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