Rich Kid Express – Under The Purple Lights

Rich Kid Express have just released their brand-new EP, “Under The Purple Lights,” and I must say it is incredible.

But before we get onto that, let’s have a little look at who Rich Kid Express is. Well to answer that one, Rich Kid Express is the rock project of the multi-instrumentalist Rob Richardson. He mixes different styles, including 70s glam rock and 80s hard rock, and takes heavy inspiration from artists such as, KISS, AC/DC, W.A.S.P, and Spinal Tap.

So, let’s get into this EP, “Under The Purple Lights” was released last month and it consists of five different tracks.

Starting off with “U Never….” we are welcomed with an upbeat, energetic rock track! Beginning with an incredible drum beat, and awesome guitars, we find ourselves instantly hooked! Shortly after, The Rich Kid Express joins in with his brilliant vocals! His voice is quite sharp and very raw, and I just love it.

My personal favourite track of the album is the second track, “Hard Time Lady.” This one has some clear 80s rock inspiration, and everything about it is amazing! It is incredibly catchy, and I just cannot help but listen to this song on repeat all day long.

The final song, “The Dotted Line” is the perfect end to this collection, however it without a doubt leaves you wanting more! This one is another upbeat, rock tune, and you just cannot fault it.

Be sure to go and give the incredible soloist a listen to, and he will, without a doubt, blow you away with his talent!

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