Bill Abernathy – Hide Away

Bill Abernathy has recently released a brand-new album, “More,” and within this album is todays track, “Hide Away.”

Bill dropped his first ever album back in 2017, and since then he has been releasing some incredible music.

“Hide Away” is a folk-rock track that is just amazing. The music is soft, yet catchy, and the music is so unique, and this just makes it even better. Towards the later part there is a music solo, and here we really get to enjoy the musical side of this track.

Bill’s vocals are also outstanding! He has a soft, yet pure voice, that is clearly very talented, and I just love him.

After one listen, you will find yourself hooked, playing this track on repeat, and singing it all day long.

So be sure to check out his newest track, “Hide Away” now!. You can even check out his little music video on YouTube!

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