9 O’Clock Nasty – Culture War 23

9 O’Clock Nasty are an incredible trio (Pete, Ted and Sydd), who create some exceptional music. Hailing from Leicester, the trio have returned with their brand-new album, “Culture War 23”.

“Culture War 23” was released on September 30th, and this rock album is certainly not one that you want to miss. This album consists of 13 incredible tracks, kicking off with, “Too Cool”. This one is an upbeat, groovy rock track that will certainly get you off of your feet. From the second this track began, I was instantly hooked. The music is very rocky, and there is no denying that all the instrumentalists are immensely talented, and the vocals are just brilliant.

The third tune, “Make Your Ghost,” is another upbeat, catchy track and I just cannot fault them. This one you will certainly find yourself singing along to it, whilst dancing along to the music. 9 O’Clock Nasty are undoubtedly incredibly talented.

My personal favourite track is “The Gastronaut.” This one is slightly more relaxed, and we really get to witness the artist’s incredible vocals.

Another track that really caught my eye is, “Rise Up.” This one is very different from the other tracks on the album, and I think that is what makes it so amazing. Being more mellow, and slower, we experience a more relaxed environment. This is one that you can sing your heart out to.

The final track, “Bird Of Happiness” is a collaboration between 9 O’Clock Nasty and Meg Cratty and there is no denying that it is an amazing end the album. This track leaves you wanting more, but it also brings joy and happiness. All the vocalists are so talented, and I just cannot praise them enough.

So be sure to give “Culture War 23” a little listen to now, and you will love it within seconds!

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