Chorosia – Stray Dogs

Chorosia are a prog / post sludge band from Vienna in Austria and Stray Dogs, their third release, is their latest EP, released on 15/09/2023.

The EP has five tracks and is a total of thirty-five minutes in length, kicking off with the 11-minute-long eponymous track, Stray Dogs, and I must say it’s a thirty-five-minute sonic journey into the raw, brutal world of this awesome band.

The galloping guitars are heavy, and the riffs are thunderous, really kicking the listener in the stomach (in a good way!) and the pounding drums really keep up the momentum of the tracks. The guitar solos ae clean and excellently executed, really making the hairs on your arms stand on end, and combined with meaty basslines, the resulting onslaught really is a treat for the ears! Musically, this EP has it all and will appeal to fans of anything from death metal to melodic metal, sludge, and everything in between.

The progressiveness of the music really stands out, with lots going on behind the vocals, and this really keeps the listener engaged at all times. This is an EP that really needs more than one listen through to fully appreciate everything it has to offer and does not disappoint in any way shape or form.

The vocals have a combination of clean vocals with death metal growls, and this makes for a great contrast, not only from song to song but during each track too. The pace and timing changes keep things fresh and the different styles on the EPO really shows how diverse and talented this bunch of guys are.

Please head on over to social media, Spotify, or YouTube to check out this formidable band for yourself. I am searching for their previous two albums as we speak, both which left listeners awestruck, and I am sure if this EP is anything to go by, then those will be just as epic.

Totally fantastic (and the brief interlude that is the track Tintinnabula only gives you a minute and a half of respite before you are thrown back into the ambush of the rest of the EP!!)

Track Listing:

1) Stray Dogs

2) The Shrike (Fire Assault)

3) Tintinnabula

4) Reflections

5) Hands, Switchblades and Vile Vortices

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