Notre-Dame of Tokyo – Hexagon

Notre-Dame of Tokyo is two brothers from a small town in France who moved to London, despite not speaking the language, and they now mix Scandinavian metal and German industrial rock with British melodies.

Hexagon, their latest song released on 22/09/2023, is the first single from their upcoming album Weightlessness and is a fast-paced, punchy track that shows what it is all about right from the off.

The punk element is clear to hear with short, hard-hitting riffs and quirky vocals that are full to the brim of the punk attitude and style. With the heavy riffs, fast guitars and pounding drums this song appears to have it all with influences creeping in from other genres, including metal and industrial. 

The vocals add an element of craziness to the track, and this combined with backup vocals, both in the same vein and also more gothic and haunting (which really does make for a great contrast) there is a great depth to the song.

The change of pace throughout the song really keeps the listener engaged with it and there is so much going on in the track that just one listen through is not enough to hear all it has to offer. The energy that is emitted from this track really is immense and the two brothers have really created a big sound for themselves.

Check out Notre-Dame of Tokyo and see what you think of their unique style of music for yourself. You will be bouncing around the room in no time!

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