PolSky – Rainbow Road

PolSky is Kris Warren, Alex Robertson, Ben Warn and Chris Norman and together they make up the alternative rock / post-punk band hailing from London in the United Kingdom. After a string of well-received singles, Rainbow Road is their latest and was released on 15/09/2023.

Drawing on personal experience of multi-layered addiction and the draining complexities of modern life, the track has been taken from their debut album Executive Functions.

Cleverly mixing rock genres with electronic, dance and pop, this is a band who has generated themselves a unique sound that not only blurs the lines between genres but totally eradicates them to come up with something new and fresh yet with a nostalgic twist.

The music side of things is upbeat, with funky basslines and electronic beats that really are infectious and will definitely get the listener moving in one way or anything, whether that’s tapping their foot, or dancing around the room like a loon!

Subtle guitars and drum work hide in the background of the song but keep it on track nonetheless and the change of pace throughout the track, slowing down for a period before building back up to fast-paced, jazz infused melodies and harmonies.

The male vocals take control of the song and accompanied by female backups; the band have created a vocal contrast that keeps the listener engaged at all times.

This is a fantastic tune that is sure to appeal to a wide range of listeners. Its modern, its nostalgic and it hits all the right buttons in the dance-rock genre. Fans of bands such as The Cure, Bloc Party, Roxy Music, LCD Soundsystem, Duran Duran, Joy Division, Talking Heads, Jamie T, The Cribs, White Lies, Everything Everything will totally fall in love with this track!

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