Garland Green – Baby Blue

Garland Green are a punk band from Tasmania, formed in a garage, and with a “sound that mirrors the wild landscapes of their homeland.” Baby Blue is their latest single and was released on 20/09/2023.

Consisting of members Ben Fenton on vocals, Joel Browning on guitars, Luke Denniss on guitar, Nick Fenton on bass and Andrew Fannon on drums, the band are heavily influenced by the likes of bands such as Strung Out, Funeral For A Friend, New Found Glory and Rise Against, and they are not afraid to wear these influences proudly.

Recorded in Ben’s lounge room, the song is “an acknowledgment of the things you just have to look back on and laugh. Bad situations, tough times that turn into stories,” something that most people do at some point in their life.

With a foundation firmly in the punk rock genre, this band have created themselves a sound that also takes influence from a many others. Heavy guitar riffs ring out almost as soon as the track starts, and these are backed up by energetic drumming and meaty basslines. Musically the track is upbeat and is full to the brim of the original punk ethos and attitude. With catchy hooks and melodies to accompany the rawness the songs emit; this is an extremely catchy track that will have you humming long after you have finished listening to it.

The lead vocals, once again, have the raw energy and defiance of punk rock and, with a certain amount of quirkiness to them also, they really take control of the song. Strong and powerful the vocals are never overshadowed by the music and together they form a formidable sound.

A great track that needs to be heard by fans of punk rock (old and new), alternative rock and hard rock alike. Go check them out! You will not be disappointed.

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