Little League Rebellion – Unsent Letters

Little League Rebellion is the brainchild of Scotsman Ruaraidh Wishart, who in his youth learnt classical musical before going on to playing and writing in alternative and prog metal bands. Little League Rebellion is a vehicle he uses to further explore music by combining genres and themes in unique and unusual ways.

Unsent Letters is his latest album, released on 01/09/2023 and explores how the past can affect our behaviour and mental health in the present. Unsent Letters represents the memories and emotions we rarely share with anyone else, a theme that many people will be able to resonate with.

With eight tracks in total, this is an album that is dark and atmospheric, and this is reflected in the dark electro style of the music.

With electronic synths providing much of the music, the progressiveness really shining through, there are also hints of alternative rock influences. This gives the music a very gothic and industrial feel that switches from heavy one minute to more melodic and harmonious the next. This makes the album very versatile, appealing to a whole range of different listeners from many genres.

The vocals on this album are simply sublime, soft, and gentle but able to be taken up a notch or two when needed, the different vocal styles really creating diversity and bringing the theme of the album to the forefront with passion and, at times, angst.

Time and pace changes from song to song really creates a great atmosphere for the listener, who is always unsure as to what direction the album is going in next. This keeps the listener engaged and entertained, with always something to listen to, and more than one run through of this album is needed to really appreciate all that is has to offer!

What a simply stunning album this is, one that I will definitely have on my playlist for a while to come yet. I am now heading off to find more music from this talented musician, in the hope that, like this, they can transport me away from the real world for a little while.

Check out Little League Rebellion! Experimentation at its finest!

Track Listing:

1) The Collection

2) The Centre Of It All

3) Communion

4) Prayer

5) After The Fall

6) Not Anymore

7) The Answer

8) The Promise

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