Dream Of A Man In A Top Hat – Worry

Dream Of A Man In A Top Hat is an alternative / neo-psychedelic / post-punk duo, consisting of Lee Leffler on guitar and vocals and Michael Frackleton on drums and vocals, who were two thirds of Boston 80’s post-punk band Native Tongue, and Worry is their latest single, released on 15/09/2023.

An experimental mix of alternative rock with post-punk and art rock, these two guys from the US have really made a unique sound for themselves.

With distortion used on the guitar work, the track has a very psychedelic feel to it, and this is added to by the inclusion of synths and electronic bites and sounds throughout the song. The track has quite an off-beat structure, which quite often leaves the listener wondering what direction it is going in next, but this only adds to the charm of the song.

The vocals are somewhat shoegaze in style, quite often blending in with the music behind them, and with a quirky nature to them that is a bit off the wall, the song, as with previous tracks that I have reviewed by this pair, has an eccentricity about it that would really appeal to a lot of people.

These guys are not afraid to experiment with their music and, with a partnership that spans decades, this really show in the music they make.

A great track that has the ability to transport you to another time and dimension, leaving the humdrum of real life behind for just under three and a half minutes!!

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