CS Hellman – Postcards

CS Hellman is a Nashville based songwriter and guitarist who has been inspired by the greats of alt rock, guitar god wizardry from the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, David Gilmour, and Stevie ray Vaughan.

A track that tells the story of a past, unrequited love, this is an emotionally charged, dark one with some poignant words and lyrics.

With a foundation in the classic / alternative rock genre, this is a song that has blended influences from a multitude of genres to create a sound almost unique to him.

I have reviewed music by CS Hellman before and I must say that this track has a slightly different feel than previous ones, which had a distinct country vibe to them. This one is more nostalgic with a slight nod back to the 80’s rock sound with the inclusion of electronic sounds and synths. The guitar work still has a bluesy feel to it, and this shows the sheer talent this guy has. The drumming and bass lines are strong and keep the song on track.

Once again, the vocals are strong and powerful but with a subtlety to them that is full of emotion, enabling the listener to experience the feelings of the song openly and fully. Although with a melancholic theme running through the track, it is actually quite upbeat at different points with the guitar riffs really being thrown at the listener.

This has to be my favourite track so far from this immensely talented musician, and I urge everyone to check him and his music out!

Fantastic track.

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