Movment – I Believe In Noise

Movment are a post-punk alternative indie rock band from Mulinger in Ireland, featuring four musicians, Martin Kelly (vocals, drums, words), Kevin Kelly (guitars, bass, keyboards, synths, programming, words), Mark Kelly (bass guitar) and Isabella Rowden Kelly (guitar) and I Believe In Noise is their latest singles, released on 15/09/2023.

Combining elements from all the genres listed above, this band have really created a sound that is all their own.

The music side of things is heavy, riffs thrown at the listener from all angles, and the drumming and meaty basslines really hold the song together. Although the rock foundations are essentially what this track is built on, there is also an electronic synth quality that really adds to the track, giving it depth and dimension.

The vocals are quite quirky, but this adds to the charm of the song. Once again, having previously reviewed music by Movment, there is angsty vibe to the song, not only with the vocals and lyrics, but also with the distortion on the guitar work which gives the song an angry and aggressive feel.

This is another great track from these guys from Ireland, one that is about the effect of sound, music and noise has on our moods, and one that I urge you all to check out!

Great stuff!

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