Dirty Mitts – Women

Dirty Mitts are a multinational band hailing from the UK, Poland and Egypt and were brought together in 2018 by a love of loud, old school Rock’n’roll, and Women is their latest single, released on 08/09/2023.

A broad appreciation for women, the track has intermingled modern day sensibilities into their music to not only make an awesome, classic sound but also one that really sends out a modern, up to date message.

The music side of things in this track is very nostalgic, taking the listener on a journey back to classic rock times, while also maintaining a very fresh and contemporary feel. The guitars are heavy, the riffs thrown out by the guitarist come thick and fast and the solos are perfectly executed. There is a bluesy groove throughout the track that really hooks the listener in, and the high energy of the song keeps them there.

The vocals are classic rock in style, strong, powerful but with an added grittiness that really makes them stand out. This guy has a fantastic voice and can hit all the notes, from the low to the high, and the track really highlights the band’s talent and passion for the music they play.

If you only check out one band today, please make it be Dirty Mitts, you really will not be disappointed! Looking forward to the release of the Hands Off EP in November of this year, so keep your ears peeled for that too!!

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