Playground Circus – Walking On Sunshine (Roxy Edition)

Playground Circus are a high energy pop-punk / skate-punk band based in London and Walking On Sunshine is their own unique on the 1983 Katrina And The Waves hit, released on 16/06/2023.

Forming in Greece in 2014, the band take their influences from the likes of New Found Glory, A Day To remember, Sum 41, NOFX, Green Day, Bowling For Soup, Good Charlotte, and Blink 182 among others, and have shared the stage with a whole host of names.

Blending the attitude of punk with the energy of hard rock, this is a fantastic rendition of the song, a classic known to millions.

There are some heavy riffs thrown in with some more melodic, yet raw guitar work and the frantic drumming really manages to keep the pace of the song going from start to finish. The original version is upbeat enough as it is, but these guys have managed to give it an even bigger lift, propelling it to fresh, exhilarating heights.

The vocals are raw, powerful, and energetic and with backups in much the same vein this is a track that is certain to get you bounding round the living room!

What an absolutely fantastic track! Its raw, its energetic and it certainly packs a punch! Loved it!

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