The Manimals – Detonate

The Manimals are a New York City band and Detonate is their latest single, released on 08/09/2023. The song features Haley Bowery on lead vocals, Michael Jayne on lead guitar and vocals, Chris Sayre on guitar and vocals, Jack Breslin on bass, Trevor Walker on drums and Zoe Briskey on synths and is an introspection of one’s own worst tendencies that build into a massive release, and wanting to start all over again, and this is something I think that many people experience at one point or another in their lives.

Starting off as what seems like an alternative rock power ballad, the song soon erupts into a frenzy of alternative rock / rock pop, building its way through the first few verses with intensity and power until the listener is thrust into an explosion of attitude-filled lyrics and blasting guitars.

The music side of things, once the song gets going, is heavy and guitar riffs are thrown at the listener from all angles. The drumming is energetic and frantic and strong basslines show through, helping to create a strong, powerful second half of the song.

The first half of the track is built entirely on Haley’s voice, which is very reminiscent of the likes of Hayley Williams from Paramore and Taylor Momsen from The Pretty Reckless. She has a very strong voice and is never once overshadowed by the music behind her, always taking command of the track. She is accompanied by some awesome layered male backups, and this really creates a great depth to the song.

This is a fantastic track by this band. It is full of angst, attitude and defiance and will appeal to a wide range of listeners. Go and check out The Manimals and see what you think for yourself! But be ready to bop your socks off as their music is extremely catchy and will have you dancing around the living in no time at all!

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