Sunmachine – Spine

Sunmachine are a new band, formed in the early part of 2023 and their latest single Spine, is only their second release and is setting the tone for the band’s debut album, The Nova Effect, which is set for release at the end of September 2023.

The track is essentially about questioning all the things you believe and having an identity crisis because of it, and this is a theme that many people will be able to resonate with. The song has quite profound lyrics but what better way to get this across to listeners than music?!

A heavy rock band in essence, the band have also included elements of punk and progressive rock to create themselves quite a unique sound.

With heavy riffs coming from the guitars, that, with a hint of distortion, generate an almost grungey vibe, they are accompanied by some energetic drum work and some very meaty yet funky basslines, which are prevalent all the way through the song. With all these musical elements combined, the band have come up with a sound that is almost impossible to define.

The vocals, while powerful, strong, and gritty, use distortion to help with the grunge feel to the track and really are one of the main driving points about the song. The singer has a wide range and with backups in much the same vein there really is depth to the track.

For a sophomore song, this one is truly awesome. While I haven’t heard their debut single, I am very much looking forward to the album coming out in just ten days’ time!

Phenomenal track!

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