Good Time Locomotive – A New Beginning

Good Time Locomotive are a London based new wave pop rock band and, as they have recently made the transition form a five-piece band to a duo, their aptly named new single, A New Beginning was released on 09/09/2023.

Forming on zoom during the pandemic, the band always had one aim in mind, and that was to write music and lyrics with an emotional punch and a positive message, and that is exactly what they have done with this song.

With a foundation firmly in the alternative rock genre, elements of pop and indie rock really shine through, making this a very catchy and memorable track.

There are funky basslines throughout the song that keep it on track and tight, and the awesome guitar work and drumming round off the music side of things perfectly. This is a track that will soon have you bopping around the living room as the inclusion of electronic bites and sounds mean their mission of helping people get back to having a good time in life, is certainly well on course.

The vocals are somewhat quirky but fit well with the music they are accompanying and a slight distortion every now and then really creates a grungey yet nostalgic feel.

This is a great track and the band have a really created a big sound for themselves with just two members! I am really looking forward to anything else that comes from the Good Time Locomotive camp in the very near future!

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