The Muster Point Project – I Did What I Did

The Muster Point Project is the creation of multi-instrumentalist Kevin Franco, who comes from Calgary but who splits his time between Canada and Santiago in Chile. I Did What I Did is his latest single and was released on 07/09/2023.

Kevin says: “I mix many genres of music including pop, folk, metal, funk and even good ol’ rock n roll,” and this is clear to see in this track, “a humorous and self-deprecating approach to asking forgiveness for the many repeated mistakes made by someone in a relationship.”

Classic rock in nature, the song also takes influence from the likes of alternative rock, rock and roll and even some country rock twangs can be heard every now and then.

The music side of things are very retro, with some nostalgic guitar playing and the drumming and basslines are both strong, powerful and keep the song tight and on track. The music is upbeat, and it guaranteed to get the listener moving, and whether that be tapping their foot or dancing around the living room is entirely up to them.

The vocals are a bit quirky, but this only adds to the appeal of the track. The leads are strong and with enough grit to really make them stand but coupled with the layered backups in much the same vein, the song really does have a great depth to it, and there is enough going on, both musically and vocally, to keep the listener entertained and engaged.

This is a great track, and I really can’t wait to hear more from The Muster Point Project. It’s a sound to be enjoyed by fans of multiple rock genres and could even appeal to the pop rock people to! Go and check them out!

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