The Metal Asylum Talks To…Tilburg

Can you tell us about the origin of the band name, a history of the band and a little bit about the various members? 

The band was actually started back in 2009 under the name of KinderVoss.  I started the working on the songs putting together a concept album “Tales of the Spanish Kings” ala 70s prog rock. The original line up was set, but we kept having scheduling conflicts and the album was shelved for the time being.  In early 2022, I met Timo Janse in the Netherlands, and we began putting the album back together (seeing who could out solo the other one).

Are you all from the same area? How did you get together as a band?

No, there’s currently two of us. I’m from the US but now in Mexico.  Timo the guitarist is in the Netherlands.  I’ve always tried to use musicians from around the world.  I think my first band “Whispers of the Dragon” represented members from Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

Who are your favourite artists/bands and how have they influenced your own sound?

Any one from progressive rock era including Yes, ELP, Pink Floyd, and Genesis, but the two most influencial were Rick Wakeman (YES) and Keith Emerson (ELP).

Did you always have the ambition to be a musician and in a band or did you originally have other plans?

No I really loved to play the keyboard and write songs but never wanted to turn it into a career.  Was never someone who liked uncertainty that the music business would bring.

What songs or albums are on your current playlist? 

Currently alot of independent musicians (we end up in these playlists together).  We kind of have this invisible bond of battling for attention at the same time supporting each other.

Do you sing in the shower?

No, my wife won’t let me.

Do you have any plans for the band for this year and into next year?

We have two maybe three EPs (four songs each) being released in the next month or so.  The first one is almost done and we have three of the four songs for the second EP already recorded.

Do you currently have any new songs/albums ready to be released?

Same as above.

If you could play at any venue in the world where would you choose?

Wacken in Germany, really the coolest vibe I’ve ever seen.

Do you have a favourite album? If so, what is it? 

Rare Earth’s live album way back in the early 70s. There one of the greatest jam bands (I think). Twenty three minutes of “Get Ready” always puts me in a good mood. I once got the pleasure of seeing them in a small casino stage setup, it was incredible the whole casino stopped to listen.

Do you have any guilty pleasure songs/albums?

Love 60/70s pop like the Partridge Family, Turtles and the Monkees.

If you were putting together the greatest show on earth, who would be playing? 

Depeche Mode, Nightwish, Yes, and Metallica (with orchestra). A nice blend of styles.

Can you remember the first album you bought with your own money? What was it and do you still have it? 

Long time ago, not sure, but it had to be a live album.  For the most part I only wanted to here live versions (Uriah Heep, Yes, Woodstock, Rare Earth, Black Oak Arkansas, and Genesis, the list is long.  Love the crowd involvment.  Sadley I no longer own any albums.  I do miss them.

As your fans will be reading this, is there any message you would like to send out to them? 

I read something yesterday that was pretty cool. It said that fans don’t think they can reach out and say they listened to your music and to let you know what they thought about it. Musicans can’t get enough feedback, that’s what we crave.

Finally, let us know all your social media sites so your fans, old and new, can find and follow/like you! 

We’re a bit shy of the social media scene and have stayed away from it until recently.  Thus we’re currently only on twitter at @tilburgprogrock so far.  We were on Instragram for a day but someone took over the account and did something bad because we were banned for a year.

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