Love Ghost – Snap

Having previously reviewed lots of music by Love Ghost in the past, I am always eager to hear more from this very prolific band from Los Angeles.

Mixing hip-hop and rap with emo pop-rock and nu-metal, this is a band who have created a sound quite unique to them. With some tracks leaning more to the rock side of things, and others favouring the R&B aspect of their sound, this is a band who really can turn their hand to anything.

Snap, a dark trap song about transforming into someone or something that you wanted to be but felt like you couldn’t due to depression, is the band’s latest track, and was released on 01/09/2023.

Again, featuring lyrics in both English and Spanish, Snap is a collaboration with Mexican artist CHZTER as is a great blend of hip-hop with some hard rock undertones. The beats really get into your head, pulling you into the song, and soon become your earworm for the day, the echoes of the songs resonating in your brain long after you have finished listening to it.

Not only is the contrast between English and Spanish great to hear again, but the contrast between the clean vocals and the rapping, from both male and female singers, really does give the song a great dynamism and just one listen through is not enough to hear all that this track has to offer.

Once again, Love Ghost have come up trumps with this track. Their diversity and talent really stand out with each track they release, and I cannot wait to hear more!

Excelente! And also check out the video below!

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