darkmaterial – Lucky Charm

darkmaterial are an up-and-coming independent rock band from Reading in the UK and consist of members Ian Larsson on vocals and rhythm guitar, Joe Murrell on lead guitar, Oscar North-Concar on bass and Sam Sutton on drums.

Lucky Charm is the band’s latest single, released on 01/09/2023, and explores the personification of a lucky charm!

Influenced by bands such as Black Sabbath, Dio, and Iron Maiden, darkmaterial are trying to create a new sound by combining the heaviness of these bands with alternative rock and post rock, and the result is a brand new, unique rock sound.

With the use of slight distortion on both the guitars and the vocals, there is an almost sludgey feel to the track, but this, in my opinion, only adds to the atmospheric nature of the song. The guitar work is heavy, full of riffs and really creates an immersive experience for the listener. The drum work is raw and energetic and really adds to the distinctive sound these guys are forging for themselves.

The vocals are melodic and strong, the perfect fit for the sound this band has created, and the hint of distortion the ideal alteration to provide the post-rock ambience the song has.

This is an awesome track that more people need to hear, and the fact is straddles many genres, will make it appeal to a wide variety of rock fans, from alternative rock to heavy metal as the influences from the bands mentioned above is clear to hear!

Go and check out darkmaterial and their music. I am, personally, looking forward to hearing much more from them! I’ll meet you in Spotify!

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