Barking Poets – Southsea Sounds

Barking Poets are an alternative punk rock band from Camden in London consisting of members Neil Murray on vocals and guitar, Ander Mendia on bass and vocals and Conor Heary on drums, percussion and vocals, and Southsea Sounds is their latest EP, released on 01/09/2023.

Recording the EP in Portsmouth with acclaimed produced Tim Greaves, it was released via Engineer Records and has lyrical themes of political confusion and societal frustration along with evocative lyrics of 21st century London life and this is all done with a positive, optimistic vibe.

A great blend of alternative rock and punk rock, this EP really does reach out to many genres for influence, and this is a band who is not afraid to wear these influences on their sleeves.

With six punchy tracks, this is an EP full of upbeat riffs and beats and melodic lyrics that really do get the listener up and bouncing around.

The guitar work is heavy, with riffs flying at the listener from all angles, and the drumming is frantic and energetic. Strong, meaty basslines shine through, keeping the songs tight and on track, and musically, this EP is fantastically done.

But let’s not forget the vocals, which are strong and powerful, with a grittiness that places them in the hard rock / alternative rock genre, but also with an attitude that is most definitely influenced by the punk movement. With shouty backup vocals to accompany the leads, the EP definitely leans more towards punk rock, and this really gives the EP an anthemic vibe to it.

This is a great EP that fans of punk rock, alternative rock and classic rock will all appreciate and I, for one, am really looking forward to more music that this band produce.

Great job, well done!

Track Listing:

1) Getting Away With It

2) We Will Overcome

3) I Could Have Been A Contender

4) Punching Down

5) Part Of The Problem

6) London Town

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