Gary Pratt – Number One Fan

Gary Pratt is a country music star from Pittsburgh, USA and his latest single, Number One Fan, a re-worked version of a song Gary wrote many years go about his mum, was released on 29/08/2023.

Offering a modern spin on a traditional country track, Number One Fan is the seventh single from his 2021 album Something Worth Remembering, an album that has had more that 400k Spotify streams.

Serving as an anthem of appreciation for anyone’s number one fan, the song is a great country rock-based track, with influences from other genres, from soft rock to alternative rock.

The guitars have the distinct twang and strumming of country rock, with guitar solos that have a classic rock feel to them, and they really do send shivers down your spine. The drumming and percussion side of things are quite laid back, leaving the guitar work and vocals to drive the song.

The vocals on this song are truly epic, country rock in essence but with a classic sound. Gary’s voice is strong and powerful and is packed full of emotion, portraying the theme of the track perfectly. With layered backup vocals as an accompaniment, there really is a great depth and dynamism to the song and the song builds in intensity as it progresses, more emotion spilling out from the lyrics and guitar playing.

If you like country rock with a modern twist then Gary Pratt is your go to guy! This is a great song, and I can see why it reached number 8 on the iTunes Country Songs chart!

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