Bias – Ogni Istante

Bias (born Gian Luca Biasini) is an Imola-based musician / producer / composer and his latest single Ogni Istante, a track inspired by the melancholic moors of Iceland, after a trip to the northern European country, was released on 29/08/2023. From piano to drums, from guitar to percussion, Bias took music lessons from an early and, driven by his father’s passion, he listens to and plays every music genre!

Produced and performed by Bias, as well as all music and lyrics written by him, Ogni Instante was mixed and mastered by Michele Suzzi and is a track inspired by “an incredible intimate experience between man and nature.”

With a rock foundation on which to build, the track snakes its way into a series of other genres, including noise rock, post rock and even dark wave.

The music behind the vocals is very atmospheric with distortion on the guitars and some electronic elements that really add to the dark wave / synth pop aspects of the track. The drumming and basslines are quite laid back and kept to a minimum and it really is the vocals that are the main attraction of the song.

Bias’s voice is strong and powerful, and with the song sang in Italian, there is an ambience about it that gives it quite a nostalgic, yet euphoric vibe. The translation of the lyrics shows the words have a great meaning and depth and display just how personal and intimate the song it.

I really liked this track and I think it will appeal to a wide range of people. Please check out Bias and his music, it really can transport you to another time and dimension, soothing and relaxing you before it drops you back into real life with a thud!

Great work!

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